Tanzania community volunteering, 1 month

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29 Jun 2017
£ 1595
excluding flights
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04 Oct 2017
£ 1595
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tanzania community volunteering, 1 month


The health of our oceans, rivers and forests is crucial to our survival and wellbeing, yet unsustainable human activities are putting increasing pressure on our planet. As a company, we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges posed by climate change through exploration of sustainable ‘green’ options. Our environmental projects protect the environment and help people use the resources they need without compromising them for future generations.

As an organisation, we are carbon neutral. In Tanzania, we minimise the use of harmful substances such as pesticides, cleaning products and paints, substituting them for innocuous and environmentally friendly products. The use and disposal of chemicals is properly managed.

Camp Kidia is designed to minimise pollution from noise, light, run-off, erosion, ozone-damaging compounds and air and soil contaminants.We choose only environmentally friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food and consumables.

In addition, we encourage the principles of permaculture in our Tanzanian projects and we have developed a community tree nursery for the community of Kidia that provides fast- growing, sustainable wood.


All of the camp locations that you stay in during your programme are staffed by members of the surrounding communities. Our projects are ongoing and sustainable, allowing us to commit to permanent employment for locals.

In Kidia most people are living below the poverty line and something as basic as having a roof over your head is often a luxury that many can’t afford. You’ll get the chance to work alongside the villagers, helping them to improve their daily lives whilst gaining an amazing insight into rural Tanzanian life.

The key focus is to address poverty through the development and improvement of educational facilities for young people and adults.

We are providing schools with solar power, electricity as well as fully equipped libraries and ICT centres

We are sponsoring children to allow them to attend secondary school and also sponsoring the training and employment of teachers

We are building kindergartens to give children a head start in education

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