St. Petersburg city break in Russia, visa free

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: St. Petersburg city break in Russia, visa free


We aim to play a positive role in the communities where we operate and carefully manage the impact of our business environmentally. Providing a responsible trip to Russia is a vital part of our strategy. We are committed to the issues of diversity and creating a positive travel environment for our clients.

This tour is visa-free and most of travel is on ferry, which minimizes impact on the local environment as this is relatively lower carbon than travel by bust etc. We have in place all necessary on-board policies: recycling, incinerating and offloading a multitude of materials (plastic, glass, aluminum, scrap metal, cooking oil, petroleum oil, toner cartridges, electronics, refrigerants and photo processing liquids) from its ships for disposal on land.

Instructions on how to recycle can be found in personal tour package. Our local ferry supplier has a high responsibility and strictly follows all international environmental standards. On January 1, 2015 the ferry company switched to using marine diesel oil with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.1% in order to prevent air pollution by exhaust gases.

We continue our sustainability policies when on land and have local guides on hand to instruct tourists on the best practices.


Our company and its employees take part in a multitude of fundraising activities supporting charities and other organisations. Together with charity organization “Da.Dobro!” we support local charities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, the United Kingdom and Finland, such as: Mosvolonter, Doroga v mir, Starost v radost, Svoboda jizni, Biuro Dobrih Del, Zhizn kak chudo, Young people for world without violence, Greenpeace and WWF.

Together with Dadobro, we have huge plans for the upcoming years. We have a calendar of charitable activities which covers community and social responsibilities in our company. For example, "International day of supporting people with disabilities" (October, 2016), "International Day of Friendship and social equity" (July, 2016) and many others.
Our local ferry partner for this trip also has a special charity project 'The whole world — a gift for children', where they provide the special tours for children’s charities and programs.

Together with our local suppliers we help rehabilitation centers to organize cruises for passengers with disabilities. And every customer has a chance to make donation and take a part in this campaign.

In a sign of deep respect and gratitude to the veterans of the siege of Leningrad, during three years, the ferry company regularly provides blockaders preferential cabins. For pensioners they have special terms and offers.

All entrances fees to Saint-Petersburg museums are received by Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Last year Ministry of Culture had a special project where all revenue received from museum’s fees was spent for charity trips organized for Russian children from poor families. Thus, every visitor paying entrance fee in this trip takes a part in the big charity projects organized by Ministry of Culture.

We employ local guides and work with local freelancers only. They are all from Russia and know the area inside out, and can take guests to sample local restaurants, markets and show them where to buy the best local produce. As part of every visit to local museum, church or monastery, they offer to make donation to support local charities in St-Petersburg and help to people with disabilities.

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