Horse riding vacation in Rajasthan, India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Horse riding vacation in Rajasthan, India


Traveling on horseback has minimal impact on fragile environments. It is the height of low carbon transport especially when compared to a 4X4. The very nature of this sort of vacation means we reduce our use of resources such as water and energy.The camps and lodges that we patronise are constructed from local materials and are 100% solar powered.

We take horse welfare seriously and ensure that the horses are well fed and well treated; no harsh aides are used (no gags or spurs) and a thorough anthelmintic regime is followed. We ensure that rider’s weight falls within limits set by the stable and where the weight-limit is exceeded, a second horse is provided, ensuring that no horse is over-worked (each one works half a day). We ensure horse and rider are matched so that neither struggles.

Rides are capped at 12 persons (max) and we often run with fewer riders thus ensuring that the rides are a positive addition to the environments rather than overwhelming them.

In addition we remain committed to the conservation and preservation of the wildlife and the communities with whom we partner. One of the places we visit and support whilst minimising our human impact is Fatehpur Beed which is a remarkable “oasis” of conservation 70 km² and refuge to many species of desert plants and animals including desert fox, jackal, blue bull and several other antelope species. This is a conservation area where free from human interference a semi -forest area has developed in arid conditions.


Indigenous communities who live in these pristine areas are best-placed to protect them and we in turn help to empower them by employing them with a fair salary, thus sharing the benefits of tourism.

Local people are trained in horsemanship, guiding and skills to run a camp. These skills are transferable and help to alleviate poverty and directly help to eliminate one aspect of poaching. Everyone involved in this operation has a stake in protecting wildlife and the habitat.

The Local Community
The income generated from this trip flows down through the local community via specific training in horsemanship, camp management and English language training.

Rider information.
We provide all of our clients with a personal “Field Manual” which is a destination-specific guidebook to help each person prepare for life overseas so that a collision between cultures is avoided. This manual helps travelers engage positively and actively with the local community and learn more about them.

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