Christmas vacation in Finland, Northern Lights over Lake Inari

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21 Dec 2017
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Christmas vacation in Finland, Northern Lights over Lake Inari


In admiring the beauty of Lake Inari and the fells that surround it, a visitor cannot allow themselves to be so mesmerised that they forget to carry out their admiration in a responsible manner. Whether a visitor or local guide, a person must ensure that their actions do not cause any damage to this pristine part of Northern Finland.

During fast-paced activities like snowmobiling and dogsledding, it is easy to zoom through areas of natural importance with little time to think of how they should be treated. Indeed, the beauty of such areas can prove rather distracting and make people forget about their actions! To counter this, our guides give vacationmakers full instructions on how to use snowmobiles and control dogsleds so that they can drive as responsibly as possible, greatly reducing the possibility of damage to the outdoor settings.

In addition, guides lead visitors on specially selected trails which provide excellent, non-disruptive viewpoints. The snowmobiles used run on four-stroke engines, which are notably less noisy and considerably cleaner. A particular highlight of how Nellim enables its guests to make the most of its environment is the Aurora Camp setup. Set in specific natural locations, the Aurora Camps make use of campfire light rather than disturbing artificial lights. The emphasis is on breaking free from everyday technological distractions (apart from the obvious use of Aurora forecasts!) and focusing on nature.


This Christmas trip to Nellim and Lake Inari does much to build awareness of local customs. Along the way, it also benefits the local community. For many, Christmas Day is held as the day of celebration and traditional festivities. It is an instructive (and thoroughly enjoyable) contrast to observe the Finnish practice of celebrating on Christmas Eve. Vacationmakers will be served a Christmas dinner with typical local dishes, providing a friendly and delicious challenge to their usual concept of festive fare.

This vacation features a visit to a Sami reindeer farm. The Sami and the reindeer have a time-honoured relationship which goes back thousands of years, and it is heart-warming to see this kept alive in the modern age. Vacationmakers can enjoy the Christmassy feel of meeting reindeer while simultaneously putting aside stereotypes to see the dedication and effort that goes into rearing these animals. In doing so, they are helping to keep a valuable local industry alive. Throughout this vacation, we employ the services of Finnish guides to ensure that the local Finnish industry can benefit. This also means that visitors have a truly authentic experience of the country and its communities.

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