Halloween tour to Romania and Hungary


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Halloween tour to Romania and Hungary


There are a number of walking tours through small, charming, medieval villages on this trip. We request that our travelers do their best to be mindful of their impact during these walking tours. We ask that they are responsible when it comes to disposing of any waste as we want to keep the places visited beautiful for future travelers and more importantly, the locals.

By offering numerous walking tours and activities accessible by foot, we also reduce our impact on the quality of the air in Romania and Hungary. Only transfers from city to city are by mini-bus and the rest of our visit can be accessed on foot including hikes up to the top of Mt. Tampa and walks around the old towns of various cities.

As we will be visiting a number of medieval castles, churches, and other various sites that are very old, we urge our travelers to adhere to the rules and guidelines of each place. Again, this is to preserve these historical places that are important for the people of Romania and Hungary.

During any of our nature walks/hikes, the optional hike up Mt. Tampa as an example, we ask that everyone respects the local plant and wildlife by disposing of trash properly and not disturbing any wildlife they may come across as well as any social norms practiced by the locals as advised by our Romanian guide.


Our local Romanian and Hungary guides will be with our group from the beginning and end of our stays in each country. We encourage our travelers to communicate respectfully and as peers with all guides as well as asking insightful questions about culture, language, history, etc. in order to promote cultural exchange.

We make an effort to sustain the local craft market by introducing our travelers to as many Romanian & Hungarian artisans and craft makers as possible while enriching their knowledge of the local industry. On the trip, our travelers will have the chance to visit local palinca (Romanian brandy) and learn about the production methods as well as cultural use for it. They can also take a Hungarian cooking class to learn about Hungarian cuisine and traditional methods.

The restaurants we visit are all locally-owned. We encourage our travelers to eat at these types of restaurants and avoid large chain dining establishments. This is not only to support the local economy and small business owners, but also so that our travelers may have a more authentic dining and cultural experience while in Romania and Hungary.

We have hand-selected all of the accommodations on this trip. It is our belief that in order to have a more meaningful experience while in Romania and Hungary, staying at smaller hotels allows for more interaction with the people of each country and helps support the local tourism industry and businesses.

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