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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Swedish Lapland summer vacation


The remoteness of Kangos makes it a perfect place to get acquainted with Swedish Lapland in the summer. This vacation makes the very most of this opportunity, providing a range of specially planned excursions and activities which enable visitors to enjoy the local environment as responsibly as possible.

The very first itinerary item is a forest walk with huskies, getting vacationmakers immediately familiar with the region’s incredible woodland environment. In addition, vacationmakers develop an awareness of husky life outside the winter season and contribute to the health and wellbeing of the dogs. Knowledgeable guides ensure that people travel on selected forests routes, maximizing their enjoyment of the surroundings without causing any damage.

Indeed, this is the case with all activities on this vacation – the emphasis is on local experts leading the way. The wealth of native understanding about the Kangos environment is second to none, and the best source of information and training for visitors. This is especially noticeable when travelers take part in the foraging activity – guides from abroad simply would not have the depth and spread of knowledge about local food sources, and how best to harvest them. The watchful eye of a local guide also ensures that visitors forage in a non-destructive manner. The same can be said when vacationmakers are taken to spot beavers: local experts can quickly teach visitors about the beavers from native experience and observation.

Finally, it should be noted that this trip builds awareness about the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. Of course, such things can be read about online, but the opportunity to visit Swedish Lapland and learn first-hand how the phenomenon takes place, as well as to see the immense impact it has on regional flora and fauna, is truly invaluable.


The small community of Kangos – a little less than 300 inhabitants – is fired by a passion for the quiet and beautiful region it inhabits. Tourism provides an excellent source of financial support and enables locals to directly share their knowledge of the area with those from abroad. To put it otherwise, tourism facilitates an essential process of cultural exchange, and this vacation is proud to play a part in that process. For this reason, we insist on employing guides from the local area, rather than sending them from abroad.

Several activities provide a closer look at Swedish traditions and practices. As a matter of fact, the entire vacation serves as a lens on Swedish summer life, providing a wonderful contrast to the image of the country as a winter destination. In terms of more specific examples, vacationmakers are given a detailed tour of a regional husky camp, learning about the local practice of rearing huskies and mushing. Visitors stop in the forest for ‘fika’ around a campfire, getting to personally experience a nationwide social phenomenon which is too easily dismissed by those abroad as a mere break for coffee and cakes!

On the subject of food, clients learn first-hand how to forage for their own dinner. In an age where many have become accustomed to the convenience of supermarkets and increasingly unaware of where their food comes from, this activity serves as a means of educating individuals about food produce and the natural world. We hope that this session of sustainably gathering food with inspire visitors to make more informed food decisions in the future.

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