Holistic dance vacation in Turkey & Georgia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Holistic dance vacation in Turkey & Georgia



We look for accommodations that already have a mission to preserve and protect delicate ecosystems, wildlife and natural habitats.
Clients may be asked by tour leaders and crew to reconsider whether they need new towels every day and let the hotel know if they would prefer to reuse their towels – this would reduce water used and reduce the amount of detergents in the waste water which ends up in the river ways.


Guests will be also asked to follow the instructions of local guides regarding appropriate conduct in Macahel and Kars; maintain the legal distance from animals, as instructed by local expert guide; do not feed the animals – this can make animals sick, overweight, and be stressful for them; do not touch the animals and approach animals quietly, cautiously and slowly so as to avoid distressing them and to avoid wild animal meat on restaurant menus, even if it does sound adventurous. It is usually illegal to import these items into your home country and this practice encourages poaching, which can have devastating impacts on local animal populations.

Guidelines for visiting historic sites

This journey offers opportunities to visit ancient and sacred places, where our entrance fees contribute to the maintenance and restoration of these unique places. Such place is ancient Ani city and Ishak Pasha Pallace (under UNESCO heritage) in area of Kars. We ask that travelers respect signage, take only photographs and leave no litter or graffiti behind, even if others have done so. We ask them also to not attempt to bring home any rocks or stones or other souvenirs of the location and don’t purchase such items from vendors as this can encourage the ongoing destruction of local areas of interest. We also take care of limiting the permissible length of stay in the threat- ened area.

When visiting Çildir Lake and the Naçadurev Glacial Lake our local tour operator takes care to keep on designated parking, picnicking and walking trails to help preserve the lands.


Local Crafts and Culture

We employ local guide to take us on hike through preserved ecological area of Macahel and Savsat. More than 50% of teaching team are local artists. Supporting staff (organizers, promoters, guides...) are locals. We ensure fair working conditions for all workers engaged and all are given adequate support by our operations team and tour staff.

This journey was created as a collaboration between artists, healers, tour guides, accommodation providers and spiritual seekers. People that have history and experience in supporting many different community-led projects and events around the world, with the goal of ensuring that the money made from our traveling to a region goes directly to those most in need, in order to make a lasting difference the local communities that we visit.

Respecting culture

We feel that traveling to foreign countries provides a chance to experience new cultures and interact with new people. It is not an opportunity for us to impose our culture upon others. We encourage clients to be sensitive to the host culture through preserving and encouraging cultural and social diversity. We discourage the display of traditional or cultural ‘shows’ for commercial purposes. As enjoyable as they can be for clients, we are attempting to keep local culture and tradition genuine rather than encouraging it to be used as a commercial attraction.

When visiting historic sites, we will also do some site-specific explorations. By practice of meditative exercises focused on observation, sensation and understanding of “others” bodies and how to use space in movement improvisation, guests will practice and achieve greater awareness about their momentarily role in a place of visit and will relate with environment in a respectful and peaceful manner. Our musicians will also use the healing instruments of different cultures: tibetan singing bowls, gong, koshi chimes, shakers, bells, rain sticks, frame drum and various percussion to create special meditative atmospheric sound in order to avoid too much unnecessary talking & chatting among our client and to remind them of sacred value of silence.

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