Armenia hiking vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Armenia hiking vacation


Hiking is one of the least impactful forms of tourism, being non-intrusive with no noise pollution nor use of a combustion engine and hence no carbon emissions. We visit national parks, including Dilijan National Park, and nature reserves to ensure that visitors understand the importance of Armenia's biodiversity, species and landscapes and their protection. Additionally, bringing tourism to protected areas ensures communities in surrounding them benefit economically by tourists spending money on tourism services offered by local people and hence prevents alternative use of natural landscapes such as resource extraction.

Our guides are professionally trained to inform guides how to not impact the environment including the correct disposal of litter, including recycling, and staying within the limit of hiking trails to prevent soil erosion or further destruction of habitats or the disturbance of wildlife. We encourage hikers to use a re-usable water contain to refill at natural springs to avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles and hence reduce waste.


We promote hiking through Armenia to help travelers connect to local communities and experience traditions still preserved in rural villages. Hiking also allows travelers to access less visited historic site such as Sevanavank, which are more difficult to access by road giving a different insight into the history and regional differences of Armenia. Hikers stay in guesthouses ensuring that local families and rural communities gain from eco and adventure tourism, by providing income through the creation of tourism services in areas where unemployment is a challenge to tackle.

Bringing tourists to rural areas provides opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial activities such as accommodation, food suppliers, artisan product and souvenir workshops. We support the Homeland Develop Initiative Foundation, encouraging visits to their shops to purchase souvenirs made by a women's social enterprise which creates jobs in Armenian communities and commits into regional economic development. We additionally support the development of the Transcaucasian Trail, an sustainable tourism project promoting ecotourism across Armenia and providing tourism related opportunities to rural, less discovered areas by providing safe access to isolated communities.

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