Dance & meditation vacation in Bali


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Dance & meditation vacation in Bali


For this journey we carefully chose accommodations that are equiped using sourced local materials f.e bungalows in Amed, which features bamboo bungalows with private terraces.

By taking our guests to Gili Trawangan Island where automobiles and motorised traffic is prohibited by local ordinance, we are promoting a lifestyle of walking meditation, paddling around with bikes or taking the horse-drawn carriage called a cidomo and therefore preserving local environment.

We will also encourage our guests to donate to Bolong’s Turtle Sanctuary, situated in Gili Meno. In order to protect them from other wild animals, the turtle eggs are collected and incubated at Bolong’s Turtle Sanctuary. The baby turtles are then raised in the small pool and after about 8 months released into the wild on the beach. For a donation of 100,000 rupiah you can even choose a turtle and then release it yourself on the beach. A good thing that should be supported so that the turtles do not become extinct in the waters of the Gilis!


A Fair Deal
On this journey we offer local artists good working conditions with a chance to meet international artists and therefore gain new contacts. They get a fair wage and have the opportunity to join our professionally recognized dance workshops.

Friends & Neighbours
This dance journey was created as a collaboration between artists, tour guides, accommodation providers and spiritual seekers. People that have history and experience in supporting many different community-led projects and events around the world, with the goal of ensuring that the money made from our traveling to a region goes directly to those most in need, in order to make a lasting difference in the local communities that we visit.

Part of money gathered from this journey also goes to support local artistic communities (hand - crafters, musicians, dancers...) in Bali, to support a Museum of Balinese Masks in Mas Village and to support Puri Lumbung eco-tourism project dedicated to the discovery, conservation and enhancement of the unspoiled area around Munduk.

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