Romania wildlife and walking vacation

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2017: 14 May

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Romania wildlife and walking vacation


World Animal Protection and the operator advocate for animals to be kept in the wild, safe from unethical tourism. At the same time, we realise that navigating the world of animal friendly travel can be puzzling at times. So, we’ve taken the guess work out of wildlife travel experiences, and joined forces to bring you this carefully crafted itinerary that offers the best animal viewing opportunities in Romania.

We advise travelers to be wary of substandard facilities that masquerade as sanctuaries. Sanctuaries and shelters with captive wild animals are under obligation to meet the psychological and physiological needs of the creatures under their care as fully as possible and should refrain from obtaining or breeding new wild animals unless they form part of an official internationally recognized reintroduction program.

When traveling on this trip you can be sure that you will avoid any contact with animals subjected to cruelty for the purpose of entertainment (such as animal circuses, dancing bears, dog or cockerel fights, running of the bulls and any festival that causes suffering to animals). Entertainment and culture are not an excuse for animal cruelty and we ask you to voice your dislike of these antiquated activities through non-participation.

To put as little pressure on the natural environment as possible, we take local transportation on this trip in (eg. train Cemavoda-Bucharest). We also operate the 7 Principals of ‘Leave No Trace’, all rubbish we take in we take out for responsible disposal.


By visiting the Save the Dogs and other Animals you help fight the stray dog problem in Romania in a way so that it benefits both the animals and local communities. The integrated approach includes the sterilisation of stray and owned dogs, a national and international adoption of abandoned animals, education projects in primary schools and awareness campaigns that promote both a correct relationship between man and animals and responsible pet ownership.

The guide that joins us on this trip is Romanian and also the guides and staff at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary are Romanian. The Libearty Bear Sanctuary is staffed by a team of specialists in veterinary medicine, animal transportation and animal care.

Outside of the cities of Bucharest and Brasov we use locally family operated guesthouses to ensure income flows directly to the community. We enjoy a traditional dinner cooked in a big pot on a wooden fire, besides the fact that this is a delicious meal and advantage is for the locals to see the travelers enjoying their local food so they feel some kind of urge to preserve this.

If animal encounters are high on your list for your next adventure, and you want to make sure your experiences aren’t harmful, then this adventure that has been appraised by World Animal Protection, is perfect for you.

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