Greenwich to Sines tall ship sailing tour

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15 Apr 2017
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Greenwich to Sines tall ship sailing tour


Our lovely tall ship is a sailing ship and as such is powered by the renewable and sustainable power of the wind as much as possible. Whilst there are occasions when we will need to use our engine, this is a brand-new for 2016 tier III engine with significantly lower emissions.

On board is a sewage treatment plant which treats all sewage so that only clean water is discharged from the ship. There is also a reverse-osmosis plant which produces fresh water on board.

Our boat also adheres strictly to the regulations of MARPOL which govern waste disposal and pollution. All waste is disposed of in port - nothing is ever thrown overboard. We respect the oceans and marine wildlife and want to preserve both for as long as possible.

MARPOL also ensure that any pollution (such as engine omissions, when the engine is used) from our ship are kept to a minimum and within legal limits. This is very important to our organisation.


Our ship is based in Weymouth, Dorset, UK. This is a small community but reasonably close-knit. Our charity is a local business and as such we understand the importance of supporting other businesses in our community. Weymouth is a busy port with ample marine suppliers who we use whenever possible.

We also support other charitable organisations in our community, such as Julia's House for terminally ill children, and the local RNLI. We work closely with local schools and sixth forms to help enable students to sail with us, and to help them with fundraising.

As a registered charity, part of our work is to raise funds to support individuals from underprivileged backgrounds by enabling them to sail with us. This experience increases their employability through the acquisition of skills for life like teamwork, leadership, delegation and communication.

We also find that through the process of sail training, individuals gain personal qualities also, like self-confidence, self-discipline, motivation and focus.

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