Red Sea diving & yacht charter vacation, Jordan

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Red Sea diving & yacht charter vacation, Jordan


You will be diving in the protected area of the Aqaba Marine Park. This park was created to allow for certain touristic uses at sustainable levels while protecting the marine environment of Aqaba.

When you want to dive into the waters of Aqaba, a conservation fee is paid (included in the total price package). This fee is used for caring for the reefs. Scuba diving is one of the main tourist attractions of Aqaba, it poses a significant threat to the marine habitats. As a result the Aqaba Marine Park developed a dive management policy so you can be sure you are diving responsible. All dive centers in Aqaba get inspected and are certified, but they also have activities to raise public awareness etc.

The Aqaba Marine Park also works hard to minimize the waste problem by installing extra garbage bins and raising more public awareness, both for locals and tourists. The Aqaba Marine Park ensures that your visit is more enjoyable and at the same time responsible.


When booking your tour with us, we ensure it's a fair deal on all ends. People will be given a fair wage for their help to give you a dream vacation. Which in return they will give you more then you would ever expect.
We believe that happy employees are the key to success. To give you your well deserved dream vacation and our employees a well earned wage for doing so, it is an important part of responsible travel.

Interaction between the local community and the tourists will give all involved parties fun memories to look back on. That is another reason why the services provided to you will mainly be done by locals. This is how we can make sure that local communities throughout Jordan will benefit from your travels. Cultural exchange is a beautiful thing and we can all learn from each other during these precious moments.
In Jordan you get to experience hospitality at its best in a responsible way.

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