Highlights of Jordan, small group tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Highlights of Jordan, small group tour


When you book this trip you get to experience the silence of the desert. One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the protected area of Wadi Rum. The area covers 720 km 2 of dramatic desert wilderness in the South of Jordan. Wadi Rum is also described by T.E. Lawrence as a "vast, echoing moon like landscape".

There is a lot of wildlife in Wadi Rum, but visitors often don't see them all. Besides birds, insects and reptile there are also large species such as the Arabian Oryx. However, the Arabian Oryx and other species, are reduced to very low numbers. That is one of the reasons why the protected area exists now. Conservation fees are included in your entry ticket. The more visitors, the more fees will be available to conserve this stunning desert and its creatures.

A major conservation program is on the way to tackle some challenging environmental problems. To contribute our local guides and drivers ask you kindly to follow the rules and regulations and do all you can to respect the site and its people. This includes leaving no waste behind.


By visiting Wadi Rum you will not only help with conserving the protected area, you will also help the people living in and around Wadi Rum. We make sure that for your desert experience only local people are hired.

Virtually all the people living in and around Wadi Rum are of Bedouin origin and, until recently, led nomadic lives relying on their goat herds. We work with the people who live in Rum Village, the only village located inside the protected area. The services they organise (such as jeep and camel tours), are organised through the Rum Tourism Cooperative. This is a locally-run society that shares the tourism between the villagers. So everyone benefits in an equal way which stimulates and encourages the interaction with tourists. And it also prevents jealousy and other possible negative problems.

You will be meeting some real local Bedouins on your desert experience, they will guide you and show you the most impressive places of the desert.

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