Volunteer with a street painting project in Morocco

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20 Apr 2017
£ 412
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Volunteer with a street painting project in Morocco


We're committed to sustainability, in the communities in which we operate and in the ecosystems we encounter. We seek to minimise the impact of our trips by minimising and properly disposing of waste created, by conserving energy and water, and by ensuring that endangered wildlife and environmentally compromised areas are treated with respect, for example such as the Cascades D’ouzoud on this trip.

We always strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Where possible we encourage our travelers to use public transportation, which also adds to the cultural experience. When we do need to use private transport we use modern fleets, which are more energy efficient and emit less CO2.

Cultural engagement and exchange is central to our company ethos, as each trip is a unique mixture of adventure, culture, and philanthropy. We maintain that one only gets to truly know a place by getting to know its people. Volunteer days of the trip are guided by our voluntourism policies developed by ABTA voluntourism guidelines.

We support local efforts of sustainability by staying at eco-lodges and homestays during the trip.


On this trip you will be working alongside locals, helping them to paint their streets. We have decided to partner up with a local entrepreneur of Bahlil whose vision is to create a new wave throughout the town and change the way tourists see and interact with locals. He has a vision to generate a larger flow of responsible tourists to Bahlil and is striving to achieve this through the project Colours of Opportunity. Starting with just one street, he used vibrant colours to bring the streets alive and he is welcoming other enthusiastic individuals and groups to jump on board this journey of social good and personal fulfilment.

The local resident experimented with his ideas to find that by painting just one street, it was enough to uplift the locals and bring them closer together by engaging with one another and as a result increased opportunities amongst the community. Such a simple idea has now given a true colour of opportunity to these locals and you are invited to experience firsthand the striking impact this project has had and is capable of having on one town.

Through the hard work of volunteers over one summer period, this project is enough to sustain 10 local jobs as well as generating additional income for local businesses through the selling of arts and crafts and other souvenirs to tourists visiting Bhalil.

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