Canary Islands tall ship cruise

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Canary Islands tall ship cruise


We are committed to the preservation of the wildlife on land and in the waters around the islands we visit. We will share our knowledge through information packs, local guides or tours and through our crew to ensure you understand the challenges in maintaining this fantastic environment as well as enjoying it through greater understanding.

We will treat marine mammals with respect when we are sailing and do not encourage unnatural behaviours through chasing, feeding or attempting to attract any species. When ashore, we will encourage guests to participate in organised tours, given by local people, to ensure that it is only memories that are taken away and a contribution to the local people which is left behind.

We are committed to preserving water in the Canary Islands. This is a valuable resource in this region and we will limit our consumption to 2 tonnes of water for the week. All additional requirements will be self-generated through our onboard desalination plant. We will educate guests in conservation through our suggested 'Guest Code of Conduct' and closely monitor consumption to ensure we are proactive in managing our supplies.


We are committed to supporting the local economies of the Canary Islands. We actively promote tours which provide employment for local people and income for projects which provide real benefit for the communities. We use local guides to run these tours and independent taxi firms to take you to them. We prioritise local producers and small wholesalers when victualling the ship to ensure you receive the freshest food and we support the local communities. We use local tradespeople to support the ship with maintenance requirements.

We are committed to promoting local crafts, cultures and industries. We source merchandise products from local producers to sell on board. We encourage guests to seek out local markets for souvenirs and give advice on appropriate haggling in our suggested 'Guest Code of Conduct'. We encourage guests to use local restaurants for at least one meal per week to provide income for these local businesses.

We are conscious of our responsibilities to local industries who we share port facilities with. We treat these with respect and ensure that our presence does not cause them difficulty or expense. To this end, we will ensure that the ship is permanently manned so that we can move the vessel at short notice should we be impeding other port users. We will ensure we are aware of intended ship movements so that we do not compromise their activities and we will make our plans known to enable other vessels to plan accordingly.

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