Family vacation in Cambodia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Family vacation in Cambodia


One of the most unspoilt countries in South East Asia, Cambodia is a fascinating mix of breathtaking scenery, simple cultures and traditions, stunning ancient temples, order, chaos, genuine friendliness and more...

Ravaged by recent wars, Cambodia has only recently become accessible to the foreign traveler, enabling each visit to be a true "adventure".

Through our guides' in-depth knowledge of the country and its people, we are pleased to be able to offer journeys that truly capture the essence of this beautiful country, its people and way of life whilst the small size of our groups allows us to minimize our impact on both the culture and the environment.

Specialising in tailor-made tours means we can also take advantage of local methods of transport and experience traditional local accommodation whether in small hotels, home-stays or palaces, tribal villages or occasionally even sleeping under the stars. When luxury resorts are required, we give priority to those who share our concern for the local and wider environment, treat their staff fairly and support local community projects.

On this trip your transport will include a hot air balloon ride offering a truly unique (not to mention eco-friendly) way of gaining an overview of the Angkor complex which due to its extensive size can be almost impossible to fathom from the ground.

You’ll also travel by traditional sampan boat across the Mekong river, explore picturesque villages by bicycle, enjoy a cycle rickshaw tour around the capital city of Phnom Penh and take a ride on horseback around some of Angkor’s lesser known temples.

Your pre-departure documentation will include information about our responsible travel policies and will encourage you to follow our guidelines. These include stressing the need to avoid wastage of local resources, minimising the pollution caused by leaving litter and emphasising the need to respect local customs and cultural beliefs. As locals themselves, our guides will also advise and help you to fit in with social expectations


Since 2003, we have been offering itineraries built around the principles of responsible tourism, often incorporating aspects of volunteering and/or voluntourism alongside other ethical aspects which help to ensure that all our trips not only minimise the negative effects of tourism but actually have a positive impact on the communities we visit.

Using local guides, local transport and local accommodation and paying fair wages, ensures that not only do you gain a unique insight into the culture you are visiting but also that as much of your money as possible stays in the local community.

We also support various community projects (helping to preserve traditional ways of life, providing education and supporting environmental initiatives) by encouraging you clients to visit or stay a while to lend a helping hand.

By working in co-operation with local individuals and companies, particularly in less-developed regions, we advise on any potential impacts of our visits and strive to minimise these wherever possible. In this way, those who travel with us are not greeted as unwanted intruders but rather as welcome guests.

All our trips are kept to a maximum size of 12 people which allows our groups to become actively involved in the lives of the local communities while minimising the negative effects of foreign influence. Wherever possible, and to further support the local economies, we use local guides many of whom have become personal friends over time. We pay them all a fair wage for their labour which puts your money straight into the community.

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