Avignon to Nice self guided cycling tour in France

From 1145 (8 days) excluding flights
Prices are per person sharing a double room. This price includes: 7-night accommodations, daily breakfast, 3 dinners, luggage transfers, marked maps and route notes, garmin GPS 705, assistance if necessary & all tax and service charges This price does not include: drinks, expenses of personal nature, travel insurance & bicycle rentals. Aluminum racing bikes are available at the price of 160 euros per bike. Full-carbon bikes are available at the price of 220 euros per bike.
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Avignon to Nice self guided cycling tour in France

Responsible travel: Avignon to Nice self guided cycling tour in France


We promise to offer you a unique way to offset your carbon footprint by traveling by bike. On a bike you are no longer an observing tourists, you are a participant among the local people, environment and culture.

We promise to use many quiet local roads for our routes. Traveling on small and quiet roads, this tour will allow you to experience part of the rural countryside and ride through famous and authentic villages that beautifully illustrate the multi-faceted Provençal and French Riviera character.

We promise a variety of locally produced and grown products will be accessible on our tours. During this trip you may get to experience the best of fine local produce by tasting traditional Provencal wines and dishes like Le Papeton d’aubergine or Tarte Chaude aux Abricots or by directly buying authentic Provencal and Mediterranean food and produce, like the Cavaillon melon, Lavender, Mediterranean fish, etc…

We promise to encourage environmentally-friendly travel alternatives. To further improve eco-friendly solutions we recommend train travel. To travel within Europe, we recommend taking trains over renting cars or air transports. Trains are more energy-efficient and will minimize CO2 emissions per capita. When flying is required, we encourage selecting an airline that contributes to funds aimed at offsetting carbon emissions.

We promise to strive for sustainable recycling and transportation options. In cities, we recommend clients use public transportation, bicycles, or walking. City bike rentals are more and more widely available in big and medium-sized cities across Europe. They are the best way to get around congested cities. Our travel tips include a list of renters.


We promise to provide access to local Provencal and Mediterranean arts and crafts and to give sponsors of the local economies the opportunity to display their goods to an international clientele.

We promise to support local and family run hotels and restaurants. Forget the non-descript and indistinguishable big chain hotels; we use genuine places with local charm. We relying on local guides and family-owned hotels, and we hope to ensure a warm, personalized welcome. We expect these properties to be run by people who have a passion for the Provence and French Riviera regions, cultures, gastronomies, and historical heritages. We use genuine places with local charm, blending harmoniously into the environment. Our hotels offer guests a pleasant, proper environment. Some of them have as few as two rooms, while others are small personal hotels.

We promise to team up with local bicycle renters throughout France. We value their expert work and most of our clients are renting bikes directly through them instead of bringing their own. This, of course, benefits the local economy.

We are based in France. This is where we live and work. Our office is located in the French Alps, just a stone’s throw from the Swiss border, and we ride the very same roads we recommend for our cycling vacations. As firm believers of sustainable development, we have established a friendly network of professionals, comprised mainly of local tour guides, small operators, and family-run agencies. Most of our people have created their own jobs/enterprises in order to live out their passion for the region and cultural heritage. All have extensive travel experience and have lived in various places before falling in love with the area they now call home. We promise that traveling with us guarantees you will be taken care of by dedicated professionals who chose to build their lives here.

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The story of the provider of Avignon to Nice self guided cycling tour in France

Based in France, our company was born out of our founder’s life-long love of cycling, Bruno Toutain. After 15 years in the travel industry and years and years of cycling, he decided to combine his two passions and create this cycling company. We are a one-of-a-kind travel company offering a diverse array of cycling vacations: guided and self-guided, pre-arranged or customized, leisurely or challenging… even some based around cyclosportive events like the Etape du Tour. Our tours are perfect for independent riders, families, friends, and groups of varying levels – you can choose elements “a la carte” for your trip in all regions of France as well as some regions in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Our philosophy is to use local experts who passionately share their heritage with guests and to adhere to the concept of sustainable development. Our goal is for clients to experience the cultural, regional, historical and gastronomical heritage of their chosen destination and, of course, to have great, healthy fun on their bicycling adventure!"

Avignon to Nice self guided cycling tour in France

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