Altiplano de Granada activity vacation, Spain

“Tailor made but one of our best priced activity vacations in the Altiplano de Granada region of Andalucia, which has strong focus on slow travel, food and gentle activities.”


Sierra de Castril mountains | Castril and Cazorla Natural Parks | Castril de la Peña town, with lovely outdoor swimming pool | Lake kayaking | Castellon Alto | Museum of Galera | Day trip to Alhambra Palace | Castril River | Bird watching | Horseriding in Hinojares | Fortress of the Seven Towers, Orce

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
Our top tip:
Sleeping 17, great place to book out as a group. You will need to hire cars though.
Trip type:
Tailor made. Minimum age 4-6 according to activities.
Activity level:
Easy to moderate, but tailor made so flexible
Family run off-grid small hotel.
Accommodation, breakfasts, 3 activities.
Plenty of restaurants nearby, but option for half board too. Organic, local food are the norm.
Solos welcome. Surcharge for single room.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Altiplano de Granada activity vacation, Spain


We are fully committed to renewable energy in a way very few other hotels are. We have a fully ‘off grid’ system (not connected to the national grid) with an extensive array of solar panels for both and electricity and hot water. We are more than happy to show our guests how everything works. Our central heating system is driven by a biomass boiler (burns locally sourced olive pits and almond shells). We use only energy-efficient light bulbs and every bathroom has shower facilities as well as a full bath to encourage sensible use of water; all the toilets have dual flush; the room keys have energy saving cards attached. For washing we use an eco-ball and prefer ecologically friendly cleaning, washing and personal hygiene products, though they are very difficult to source in this part of Spain! We change bed sheets and towels every 4 nights, unless otherwise requested.

Our land is mostly wild, with Almond and Olive orchards which had not been exploited for some time. We do not use pesticides and have brought the trees back into production organically. We grow organic fruit and vegetables in our own kitchen garden, raise free range chickens and source everything else from local organic farmers. We have dedicated recycling bins for guests to use, which we add to our own domestic recycling. We also practice composting, which is a great way to use up vegetable peelings and chicken manure!

We support the Foundation Gypaetus, for the reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture which reached the brink of extinction in Europe a few years ago. The FG has a rearing site in the natural park of the nearby Sierra de Cazorla and every year release into the wild a number of vultures, which are then tracked for a minimum of five years. The majority of the released birds have taken up residence in the Sierra de Castril, very close to the hotel. We offer interested guests information about the whereabouts of the birds and how to get to the various sites (without jeopardising the nests) plus special information cards to fill out in case the birds are spotted. And of course it is amazing how many other beautiful things you see when out looking for something else!

We have designed our schedules to make it possible to use community taxis for airport collection and drop off; in other words a minibus which is already making the trip. Otherwise, if guests are arriving in a group they can effectively charter the same minibus for a reasonable rate and tailor make the vacation in a similarly sustainable way.


First and foremost we are promoting this fantastic region, the Altiplano de Granada, which is new to international tourism. We see the economic benefits sustainable tourism could bring to a rural community which is (at present) over-dependent on agriculture and EU grant aid.

Secondly we are championing the gastronomy, culture and tradition of a ´land that time forgot´, which is to say a place virtually unchanged and untouched by the stresses and strains of modernity. Here the pace of life is different. Family and tradition are respected. The hard won secrets of how to live well with limited resources are still handed down the generations. As a result many young people here are shepherds, olive and almond cultivators, vegetable growers, and, increasingly, budding ecologists. We are members of BioCastril, which promotes organic farming and even gives its landless members plots of land to work. This organisation also provides ingredients for school dinners and holds regular workshops in the schools to raise awareness about the benefits of organic food.

We look after our guests by buying in and growing our own organic produce and we also sell local organic products such as olive oil, oregano, honey and saffron. We also promote art, craft and glass products from a local workshop which is reviving the town´s ancient tradition of glass production. Our preferred guides and workshop leaders are mostly young local people with an enthusiasm and a passion for nature. We encourage all our guests to make use of local restaurants and shops by offering them extensive information and by using our language skills and contacts to book and organise things on their behalf to ensure an enjoyable and tailor-made experience.

All our specialist activities are offered by local outdoor pursuits companies with young qualified guides who care about the environment as much as we do. Your custom will provide them with much-needed work. We have chosen to work with some companies instead of others because of their commitment to the customers and the enviroment, proven through the years. We do not charge any commission on the activities we organize.

Reviews of Altiplano de Granada activity vacation, Spain

You can trust Responsible Travel reviews because, unlike many other schemes, reviews can ONLY be written by people who we have verified have been on the vacations.

I am reborn! Simply the best vacation I have ever been on
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
Very enjoyable
It was OK
A bit disappointing really

Reviewed on 14 Apr 2017 by

There are many memorable moments on this vacation. Our favourite was visiting Castril town, it's a very beautiful little town with lots of different walks at varying degrees of ease. The walk way along the wooden track caressing the mountain edge, overlooking the river is breathtaking. Read full review

Reviewed on 02 Feb 2017 by

The hikes - they were breathtaking! Beautiful scenery and waterfalls. It was fantastic - one of the best vacations I've ever been on! Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Jan 2017 by

Our most memorable moments was the visit to Jose-Marie's farm, where he enthusiastically showed us round, cooked us some delicious food, made cheese, milked (tried anyway) goats, a truly delightful and enthusiastic gentleman. Second was swimming with the fish in the outdoor swimming pool with the beautiful sunlit mountains in the background with goat bells quietly tinkling nearby... Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Jan 2017 by

The kindness and dedication of our guest house!!! If you want to enjoy nature in a beautiful rural hotel that is the place to be! Excellent trip. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Apr 2017 by

The most memorable part of the vacation was our 5 hour walk which involved scrambling up a mountain and was a real challenge for my fear of heights! Really rejuvenating, healthy, family bonding time. Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Sep 2016 by

I can't recommend a vacation here highly enough Read full review

Reviewed on 19 Sep 2016 by

Perfect. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Jul 2016 by

Don't hesitate, book it and enjoy! Read full review

Reviewed on 31 Oct 2016 by

The scenery in the area is amazing, it's like being in a cowboy movie - the mountains, valleys and ravines are breath-taking. It's easy to have a good time when you're surrounded by all of that. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Sep 2016 by

We loved this vacation. Everything was as we had hoped if not better. We felt totally relaxed and stimulated during the whole trip. Read full review

Reviewed on 15 Sep 2016 by

It was fantastic, I loved every day of it, and wished we had stayed there longer.. Read full review

Reviewed on 27 Aug 2016 by

Best bits: White-water rafting, horse riding, cave restaurant. Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Aug 2016 by

We especially enjoyed rafting and stargazing where we were led around the Milky Way and star constellations by an expert from Malaga. Amazing seeing Saturn and its moons as well as distant galaxies! We also loved all the wild swimming opportunities. Read full review

Reviewed on 13 Aug 2016 by

Excellent. This was a departure from our usual beach resort vacation and with three girls to amuse was probably the best family vacation to date. The activities were excellent and varied and the mountain views superbly panoramic. The accommodation was simple, rustic and suited us perfectly. The hosts were very attentive and like old friends by the end of our stay. Read full review

Reviewed on 30 Jul 2016 by

It is really difficult to pick just one memorable moment from such a relaxing yet exhilarating break. We took part in Rafting, Pizza making, Canyoning, Farm Visit and Spanish Dancing and enjoyed them all. Read full review

Reviewed on 25 Jul 2016 by

It was a brilliant vacation, the first time we have done anything like it and I'm sure it won't be the last. We saw a side to Spain we'd never seen before whilst keeping the whole family entertained. Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Apr 2016 by

We loved the amazing views in all directions from, the great range of exciting activities organised by the owners, who were fantastic hosts and so friendly and helpful, and the total relaxation of really getting away from it all. Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Apr 2016 by

A gloriously friendly hotel with a perfect location for a peaceful retreat into a Spain we rarely get to experience Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Aug 2015 by

Book it ! You won't be disappointed. There is something for everyone to do. Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Aug 2015 by

It was fantastic, our most memorable vacation ever and we were all sad to leave. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Nov 2015 by

Lovely. Peaceful hotel, good food, beautiful countryside, interesting and varied activities which work for children and adults. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Aug 2015 by

The Alto Plano is a beautiful region and we enjoyed all the activities we tried. Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Aug 2015 by

Excellent. We had a really wonderful family vacation. Thank you to Illaria and Des for being attentive and helpful and making our stay so enjoyable. Read full review

Reviewed on 19 Jul 2015 by

Very enjoyable. The hotel is beautiful and the owners are excellent hosts. Very warm and welcoming and knowledgeable about where to visit in the local area. Read full review

Reviewed on 10 Jun 2015 by

It was great. The Altiplano is a beautiful region perfect for both a relaxing and quiet vacation but also if you want to fill your vacation with sports and activities. Our hosts couldn't have been more helpful and friendly and really made our vacation. Read full review

Reviewed on 16 Sep 2014 by

We enjoyed the treks and had some good time to relax. Read full review

Reviewed on 07 Sep 2014 by

It couldn't have been better. A wonderful, wonderful family vacation (children 8 & 9). Read full review

Reviewed on 07 May 2014 by

We had a brilliant vacation. The food and hospitality were excellent and our hosts were intimately familiar with the language, locality, food, history and culture. The hotel is as off the beaten track as one could imagine and is in a tranquil and scenic setting. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Apr 2014 by

The best parts were the location, kindness of hosts, accomodation, amazing stars at night Read full review

Reviewed on 15 Sep 2014 by

Tranquil but with lots of opportunities to challenge yourself or your family!! Read full review

Reviewed on 14 Sep 2014 by

We would rate this vacation very highly, particularly the approach of Des and Ilaria - nothing was too much trouble and they were always cheery and helpful. There are plenty of activities to do, sites to see and places to visit - would certainly recommend for a family vacation. Read full review

Reviewed on 07 Sep 2014 by

It was really really good and I would like to return - either by myself to chill and walk or if we can organise ourselves and others like this summer then return next summer .... Read full review

Reviewed on 06 Sep 2014 by

Excellent - I would like to return, perhaps in the spring to see the rivers and waterfalls fuller with winter melt and the Olive blossom. We had a super time. The location of the hotel with its 360 degree views of olive groves and distant sound of sheep bells facilitated relaxation. Read full review

Reviewed on 13 Jul 2014 by

The most memorable aspect was the hotel itself and the great service provided by Ilaria and Des. They are fantastic hosts and arranged all the activities for us as well as providing notes for the various walks and excursions we did. My husband and sons particularly liked the canyoning. Read full review

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2014 by

Very relaxing. Derek and Ilaria were very helpful hosts. Couldn't have asked for better! Read full review

Reviewed on 25 Apr 2014 by

The vacation was excellent, we felt relaxed when leaving...the evening meals were fantastic, and all activities were arranged for us so there was no stress. Read full review

Reviewed on 23 Aug 2013 by

Fantastic, the whole family loved it and I have every intention in returning. There is so much to do in this area that you cannot possibly get it all in in one vacation. Read full review

Reviewed on 28 Jul 2013 by

This vacation provided all the activities and breathtaking scenery you could want from an adventure vacation. The natural parks and reservoirs flourish due to natural spring water and provide waterfalls and swimming points along the hikes across the rolling mountain sides. Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Jul 2013 by

We will always remember our first view of the accommodation; it is in a lovely setting and is a beautiful hotel. Ilaria gave us a very friendly greeting, which was just wonderful after our drive...Completely brilliant. Best vacation decision I've made in a long time. Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Jul 2013 by

An excellent all round vacation experience. Fun, sun, activities, relaxation, education and making new friends in a stunning location! Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Feb 2013 by

Fantastic, relaxing, and inspiring! A great place for friends, families and couples. The region is stunningly beautiful and the hiking is top-notch. Read full review

Reviewed on 23 Sep 2013 by

10/10 !!! Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Aug 2013 by

excellent, loved every minute of it...the canyoning was brilliant Read full review

Reviewed on 25 Aug 2013 by

Fantastic vacation - lots of activities to keep you busy but also very relaxing. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Read full review

Reviewed on 29 Jul 2013 by

We really enjoyed the fantastic food and views from the hotel. Our hosts were extremely helpful and friendly - nothing was too much trouble. All the family enjoyed the horse riding, kayaking and star gazing. Read full review

Reviewed on 10 Jul 2013 by

Very enjoyable. The hotel owners were very hospitable and keen to share their knowledge of the area, the food excellent and the hotel itself clean and comfortable with many unusual touches. Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Jun 2013 by

Very good. We will consider returning for relaxation and some challenging walking, lovely views and a range of activities. We would recommend the vacation to anyone with similar interests. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Apr 2013 by

A fantastic retreat - exceptional hospitality in an incredibly beautiful place. The setting and scenery, the warm hospitality and relaxing, homely atmosphere and the peace and tranquility were the most memorable parts. Read full review

Reviewed on 28 Feb 2013 by

A fantastic vacation. We couldn't have wished for a better week and have brought some lovely memories home with us. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Jul 2012 by

We signed up for the canyoning as well and that was truly exciting and a bit scary. The stargazing just fabulous, never seen so many stars! The food was very good and Ilaria and Derek (the hosts) could not be more helpful. We will definitely go back for more walking. Read full review

Reviewed on 07 Oct 2012 by

The whole vacation was memorable and exciting, definitely one of the best family vacations we have had. Highlights were swimming in a waterfall and kayaking in a beautiful lake. Read full review

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