Finland canoeing vacation in the Wild Taiga

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This trip can be tailor made anytime from 9th Jun - 15th Sept

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finland canoeing vacation in the Wild Taiga


During this vacation you will only be moving unmotorized (paddling, hikig, rowing, cycling) expect for the short transfers included in the program. When canoeing, you are in an area, where using the ready made fire places and other services is possible. You are expected not to leave any trash in the nature, using the fire wood in a sustainable way and not disturbing the wildlife. All these "Wilderness Rules" the guide will tell You.

After the first week of canoeing You stay in a wilderness cabin with no electricity, you take water from a spring and heat the sauna with wood. All this is very sustainable, peaceful and relaxing and gives you a possibility to really enjoy simple life and to get a deeper understanding of the nature and the way of life many of the locals also still enjoy during their summer vacation.

The Finnish "every-man΄s right" allows all the private people to go hiking or paddling everywhere in the area, not depending on who owns the land or water. It is also allowed to collect the healthy berries and mushrooms, which can be easily found - first berries in July and the best mushroom season (Boletus) starting from end of August. Finding fresh food in the wilderness and eating and cooking gives people a very special connection with the nature and makes them even more motivated to protect their environment.

Fishing in the many lakes in this area is also environmentally friendly: there is plenty of fish in the lakes and in most cases fishing is keeping the fish population more diverse.


Getting guests to our area means some income for the local private owned small companies and local people living here. For this reason wilderness travelers are warmly welcomed, and guests can easily notice this if they happen to meet any other people during their canoeing or cabin week. It is also our common interest to get more guests using the services of the Forest and Park Service of Finland and leave their names in the guests books - this is how we can get more resources from the state to keep all the services in good shape, both for the guests and the local people.

This longer, 2 week stay, supports the local people more than than just short weekend vacations. You are expected to buy groceries in a local shop and the guide can help you in finding the most local products and specialities what there is: special local bread, different kinds of pies filled with berries, vegetables, fish or meat - and of course, fresh fish. The selection available is not as big as in the huge super markets, but big enough to find everything you need also for special diets, like vegetarians, gluten-free, lactose-free. Finnish people are famous for and proud of having these special tasty products for special diets.

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