Things to do in Africa

Things to do in Africa


Relish a wildlife experience like no other

An East African safari has come to define the ultimate in wildlife experiences, evoking images of khaki-clothed explorers in the savannah, wielding binoculars and cameras and climbing in and out of dusty jeeps. But safari today takes many forms and can be done across Southern Africa too – here, the savannah gives way to the wildlife of the desert and Delta. Once a journey for hardened travelers mapping the dark continent and its curious creatures, safari now welcomes the young, older, extrovert or quiet traveler and the vast space of Sub-Saharan Africa still ensures stretches of wilderness and plenty of unexplored corners.

The backdrop may be little changed, but the means of discovering its wildlife has evolved greatly. There are now so many fantastic forms of safari: you can bush walk with the Big Five with expert guides who can teach you how to pick up on the merest sight, sound, or smell of an animal; or you can get on your bike, literally, and pedal your way to wildlife watching prowess. You can choose a guide specifically for their skill in opening the eyes of children to the joys of the wild; or you can get hands on with conservation, tracking and tagging leopards or elephants and setting up camera traps to learn all about their fascinating behaviours.

Lose yourself in national parks & nature

Besides that seen on safari, Africa is bursting at the seams with incredible nature from Botswana’s Okavango Delta where you can take a trip in a Mokoro dugout canoe listening to hyenas laughing as you go, to the many weird and wonderful species of lemur that inhabit Madagascar.

Walking with local guides and tribespeople is a fascinating introduction to nature’s nuances and the ultimate way to become part of the landscape chancing on random discoveries as you go be that a newly hatched croc egg, or a fisherman making the most of an unpolluted water spot.

The continent is jam-packed with national parks: Zambia’s South Lunagwa is home to big game as well as over 400 species of bird, and in Kenya’s Amboseli you’ll spot hippos lounging in the soggy swamplands loomed over by the ever watchful eye of snow-capped Kilimanjaro.

Become part
of local

Whether you’re in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, visiting Kenya’s Maasai, or spending time at a semi-nomadic Himba village in Namibia, not only will you learn from the locals about their intriguing history and how age-old traditions are upheld today – but you’ll explore their unique relationship with the extraordinary landscapes and wildlife on their doorstep.

Walking through the wilds

From great swathes of wildlife-rich savannah extending into the horizon, to the magnificent peaks of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and Kilimanjaro – the ultimate hike of the determined climber and the highest free-standing mountain in the world – Africa is a playground for those who like to see the world on two feet.
Photo credits: [Relish a wildlife experience like no other: Franco Pecchio] [Lose yourself in national parks and nature: ] [Become part of local history - Himba: Arno KleineSchaars] [Walking through the wilds: Julia Maudlin]

Written by: Polly Humphris
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