Bear watching activities

Bear watching activities


There are bear enthusiasts out there who want nothing more in life than to spend three nights in a bear hide, watching these extraordinary creatures in action. Or five days at sea observing polar bears devouring seals, with five nights devouring knowledge from expert lecturers and exchanging bear knowledge.

However, if that is all a bit too intense for you and you would like to find a few other ways to immerse yourself in the wonders of these wild places, bear with…..
Hiking in national parks

Katmai National Park in Alaska, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia all have bear populations, but also have impressive hiking trails. Like all North American national parks. Consider extending your wildlife vacation for a few days of hiking in these wild places. Be bear aware though.
Northern lights

It might be just too much excitement in one day for some people, seeing polar bears by day and the Northern Lights by night. Thrill seekers should head to Churchill, Canada, as the best time to see polar bears here is October/November, when the light shows kick in too.

Whale watching

Humpbacks and grey whales in British Columbia’s Pacific Rim National Park, orcas off Vancouver Island, beluga whales off Churchill, Manitoba are all en route for bear watchers. In these areas, a day of whale watching is usually included in a tour operator’s itinerary, depending on the season. And if it isn’t, it is worth enquiring about.

Tips for other activities

responsible travel asks the experts

 Catherine Mack, author of our in depth guide to US National Parks:
“If you are going all the way to Yellowstone National Park to see bears, take time do a few days’ hiking as well. There are over 1,500km of excellent walking trails in the park and even though this, the first national park in the world, is very famous, it’s actually less crowded than some because it is harder to get to. After your bear watching vacation, you will be well briefed by on how to act safely when there are bears around, so you can walk with confidence and know how to stick to the safety rules”.

Roy Atkins, naturalist and expert guide at our supplier Speyside Wildlife, which specialises in bear watching in Canada, Finland, Spain and Yellowstone National Park:

“There is so much wildlife to see on our bear watching trips. In British Columbia, for example, we include whale-watching for humpbacks, grey and killer whales plus boat trips for sea otters. There are also raccoons, deer, beavers and lots of great birds too. There is always lots of other wildlife on all our trips”.
Photo credits: [polar bear: Polar Cruises] [Hiking: Yellowstone National Park] [Bald Eagle: Yellowstone National Park]
Written by Catherine Mack
Brown bear tracking in Northern Greece

Brown bear tracking in Northern Greece

Track wild bears & explore the wilderness with park rangers

From 599 5 Days ex flights
Polar bear watching cruise in Svalbard, Norway

Polar bear watching cruise in Svalbard, Norway

Cruise through the ice looking for polar bears

From £4250 9 Days ex flights
Arctic diving & Polar Bear Watching Expedition

Arctic diving & Polar Bear Watching Expedition

Awe-inspiring for divers & non-divers

From 3020 8 Days ex flights
Northern Greece Bear Conservation Tour

Northern Greece Bear Conservation Tour

Brown bear conservation in Pindos & birds of Prespa Lake

From 900 8 Days ex flights
Wild Taiga self drive vacation in Finland, Finnish National Parks

Wild Taiga self drive vacation in Finland, Finnish National Parks

Self guided driving tour in Finland's Wild Taiga wilderness

From 750 8 Days ex flights
Canadian wildlife & Vancouver Island holiday

Canadian wildlife & Vancouver Island vacation

Off the beaten track adventure into the Canadian Rockies

From US $3329 14 days ex flights
Arctic wildlife vacation, Polar bear explorer

Arctic wildlife vacation, Polar bear explorer

A wildlife focused specialist led Arctic safari in Svalbard

From £5995 11 Days ex flights
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