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This page is not for the faint hearted – we have collected all our most extreme adventure vacations for the adrenaline junkies amongst you. So if you enjoy hair raising adventures, nail biting experiences and a vacation out of the ordinary then you’ll be on the edge of your seat with these extreme adventure vacations from responsible operators.
Extreme activity vacation in Nepal
Adrenaline pumping, action packed adventure through Nepal, from £1690 (16 days) ex flights
Zavkhan multi activity vacation in Mongolia
Explore remotest Mongolia by horse, camel, and hiking, from NZ $4550 (21 days) ex flights
Kayaking vacation in Indonesia
Sea kayaking to some of the most remote beaches on earth, from US $2475 (10 days) ex flights
Rio Futaleufu rafting vacation in Chile
Raft deep canyons and pristine wilderness of Patagonia, from US $3600 (9 days) ex flights
Somaliland cultural tour in Somalia
Group tour exploring the undiscovered delights of Somaliland, from £1599 (8 days) ex flights
Kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route
Ascend Mt Kilimanjaro's Rongai Route, from US $2545 - US $3105 (8 days) ex flights
Yukon dog sledding vacation, Canada
Husky adventure vacations in Yukon, from CA $1328 (5 days) ex flights
Engadin ski marathon in Switzerland
Explore Switzerland's premier cross-country skiing location , from US $2635 (8 days) ex flights
Tanzania expedition, Rufiji River descent
Private adventure penetrating deep into the African bush, from US $3175 (13 days) ex flights
Nepal activity vacation
Action packed multi-activity Himalayan adventure Vacation, from £1650 (13 days) ex flights
Diving & mountain biking in Vietnam
Tailor made adventure vacation in Vietnam, from US $2168 (14 days) ex flights
Mera Peak expedition climb in Nepal
The highest trekking peak in Nepal, from US $3825 - US $4245 (22 days) ex flights
Everest hiking vacation
Popular introduction to trekking around Everest, from US $2299 (14 days) ex flights
White water rafting short break in Iceland
3-day self-support rafting expedition, from IKr 115990 (3 days) ex flights
Palawan expedition, Philippines
A stunning island hopping adventure in a forgotten Paradise, from US $3650 (12 days) ex flights
Swim with humpback whales in Tonga, Ocean souls
Swim with humpback whales in beautiful Tonga, from AU $3500 (8 days) ex flights
Brahmaputra rafting vacation in India
Raft one of the world's greatest rivers - The Brahmaputra, from US $2650 (13 days) ex flights
North Pole cruise in the Arctic
Set sail on the ultimate Polar voyage, from US $34960 - US $54150 (14 days) ex flights
Karakoram Highway vacation
Journey the Southern branch of the Silk Road, from £3895 - £3995 (21 days) ex flights
Peru trekking holiday, Cotahuasi canyon
Trekking the world's deepest canyon, from US $3900 (15 days) ex flights
Northwest Passage sailing expedition in Canada
Explore the Northwest Passage East to West, from US $8995 - US $22595 (17 days) ex flights
Journey to the North Pole
The ultimate Polar voyage: sail to 90º north, from £18400 (14 days) ex flights
Motorbiking vacation in Vietnam, off the beaten track
Motorbiking from north west to east - the different loop, from US $817 (5 days) ex flights
Antarctic diving expedition
An Antarctic expedition for divers & non-divers alike, from £4420 (12 days) ex flights
Greenland expedition vacation
Be a polar explorer, from US $6595 (17 days) ex flights
Cape Argus cycle race in South Africa
Compete in the Cape Argus Race in South Africa, from US $2205 (9 days) ex flights
Motorbike tours in Romania
Join us on a motorbike ride in Transylvania, Dracula's land, from €989 (7 days) ex flights
Raid Pyrennean Coast to Coast ride in France
A unique cycling tour of the Pyrenees, from US $1615 - US $1665 (8 days) ex flights
Ecuador adventure vacation, tailor made
From volcano-top to Amazon basin and everything in between, from £1395 (9 days) ex flights
Climb Mount Rinjani, Indonesia
Trek through a wonderful national park to the summit of Mount Rinjani, from US $2050 (9 days) ex flights

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Gokyo Everest trek in Nepal
Memorable parts? Seeing the sun rise behind Everest at the top of Kalapathar. Tips? I would recommend going to Gokyo as well as Kalapathar as it's much quieter with very few of the big groups going to Everest Base Camp. Also, because my guide was flexible, we managed to avoid the groups quite a lot of the time even on the EBC route. The views from Gokyo Ri were also stunning. Local benefits? I feel that it benefited local people. I was also happy to see that the company organised... (more)Rachel Allen
From US $1375 excluding flights
Ecuador adventure vacation, tailor made
Fantastic!!!! The best parts were tubing down the Napo River Valley! Also, enjoyed tremendously all the laughter on the ropes course, the river rafting and the hospitality and GREAT FOOD. (more)lynn mahan
Absolutely superb from start to finish. The operator was outstanding in making us an itinerary which was perfect for the amount of time we had to spend there, and we loved working with them before, during and after our vacation. We felt that the range of experiences, activities and accommodations enabled us to really experience a bug chunk of Ecuador and its culture in only two weeks. (more)Cara Roberts
From £1395 excluding flights
Extreme activity vacation in Nepal
Brilliant!! The most memorable part has to have been rafting the G4 rapids on the Bhote Koshi with thunder and lightning, rain bouncing off the water and 1.5cm hailstones falling from the sky, still all in 27 degrees heat, wow amazing! (more)Neil Whittemore
I had a brilliant time on this vacation and it fulfilled most of what I wanted to get out of the trip. (more)Murray Hendriksen
From £1690 including domestic flights only
Kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route
Even the tipping ceremony was wonderful, but the last day of the trek was probably the best. Beautiful surroundings and walking easily down hill with new friends knowing that Kilimanjaro had been achieved. (more)Marleen James
The entire trip was truly a once in a lifetime adventure - every day was exciting... Fantastic! (more)Jasmin Roman
7/10...Yes my adventure benefited local people. (more)Mussarat Khan
From US $2545 - US $3105 excluding flights
Yukon dog sledding vacation, Canada
Working with the dogs was my favourite part of the trip. I loved meeting all the different dogs and getting to know their different personalities. They are such great workers and I miss them now I am back home. (more)Ali Barned
The dogs are just incredible... athletic, fascinating to watch, and beautiful. Our guide Laird was fantastic as were all the other people at the ranch... I had a fabulous time. Pushed my limits... this has been 'one' of the best vacations I have been on. (more)Helen Weir
Fantastic. I have always wanted to try sledding and finally did. Now I just need to convince my other half to go again next winter! (more)Lee Unsworth
From CA $1328 excluding flights
Everest hiking vacation
Awe-inspiring mountains, glorious sunsets and beautiful views from the moment you woke to the moment you went to bed...11/10! I cannot praise the organisation, leadership, care and ethos of this company highly enough. (more)Christine Mitchell
This was an excellent trip, very well organised and handled locally in difficult circumstances when we found ourselves in the heaviest snowfall in the Everest region for 5 years and plans had to be changed. Exciting stuff!!! (more)Alan Bellamy
The highlight was the panoramic views of all the key mountains (Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Shortse, Thamerserku, Ama Dablem, etc) near the Ama Dablam base camp. (more)Owen Smith
From US $2299 excluding flights
Iraq Kurdistan vacation
Memorable parts? The visit to the battlefield of 331BC Guagemela where Alexander the Great defeated Darius III was particularly good because of the excellent talk on the history and strategy employed. However the scenery in the mountains, the Kurdish people and the many historic and cultural site were all interesting and memorable. Tips? The more you have read about the area first the more I think you get from the trip. Be prepared to be flexible and enjoy it as it comes. Local... (more)Jenny Maddick
From £2310 excluding flights
Diving & mountain biking in Vietnam
The food - absolutely delicious everywhere we went, even the meal cooked by our guide in a Tay minority homestead where we ate with the family and drank rice wine welcome shots. Phu Quoc Mango Bay resort - peaceful, eco-friendly, lots of options. The scenery - highlights, Mount Fan Xi Pan from Sapa and Halong Bay. (more)Diana Orton
We had a fantastic time and would recommend this operator to anyone traveling to Vietnam. The management of the tour was excellent. We loved Vietnam, from the food to the people to the places. There is much to see and do and we felt that our tour covered many of the beautiful areas in Vietnam. (more)Annalet van Deventer
Surviving the throng of motorbikes in the streets of Hanoi was the most memorable part. (more)Rachel Crossley
From US $2168 excluding flights
Antarctic diving expedition
Interacting with the wildlife in Antarctica was the most memorable part of the vacation. (more)Robert Pecoraro
All of it was memorable, but if I had to pick it would be my first sight of Antarctica which was at sunrise, wow! And my 30 minute dive with a leopard seal. But it was all amazing. (more)Stacy Valentine
Most memorable was diving around the ice bergs and snorkelling with the leopard seal. Real WOW factor. (more)Judith Bewell
From £4420 excluding flights
Antarctica cruise, with diving & climbing options
GREAT!!!!!!! (more)Krisztina Inczedy
The very first Antarctic landing was a photographer's feast that was totally mindblowing at such an early stage of the trip. (more)Louise Yerbury
The most memorable part of visiting Antarctica has to be (as part of the diving contingent) diving with Leopard Seals on two occasions. (more)Mike McCormack
From US $8725 - US $13000 excluding flights
Madagascar rafting expedition
We canoed for two days, negotiated rapids and camped at night on the sandy banks beside the river. The locals were intrigued by these strange foreigners who chose to sleep in tents rather than a hotel but readily came to our rescue when our cooking pots sank to the bottom of the river! (more)Rosemary Llewellin
Most obviously just the many people we met. Everybody says it but it really is true, what a lovely lovely bunch of people to have had the privilege to meet. On the wildlife front, I think the spitting cobra trumped even the komodo dragons! (more)Hayley Fagg
From US $2625 excluding flights
Motorbike tours in Romania
Memorable parts? Riding in the snow. Tips? Be a bit later in the year when winter fully over. Local benefits? Yes very much. Overall rating? Awesome. (more)Tim Funston
From €989 excluding flights
Kayaking vacation in Indonesia
The vacation consisted of two parts, the first was sea kayaking around Komodo National park and the second part was trekking in the northern jungle of Sumatra. The main highlights included seeing Komodo Dragons, orangutans, elephant trekking, the scenery the people I meet and the landscapes. All made the vacation excellent. (more)Steve Bosworth
Far too many to mention, but I'll have a go: sleeping on deserted beaches, a school of dolphins passing just in front of our kayak, seeing a shark while snorkelling, the sound of two very large komodo dragons running through the undergrowth in our direction, great food and an outstanding local guide. (more)Liz Kalton
I loved the kayaking, the snorkelling and seeing the Komodo Dragons... It was great, would do it again but needs a few more days kayaking in it! (more)Karen Trotter
From US $2475 excluding flights
Coasteering weekend in Wales
Memorable parts? The coasteering half day event. Tips? Take ear plugs as noise from other rooms and late comers does travel although it was not a major problem. Be aware that there is no mobile phone coverage at lodge. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? 8/10. (more)Helen Morrell
From £219 - £225 excluding flights

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