Fuerteventura activity podcasts

Fuerteventura activity podcasts

Listen to local people talk about the activities on Fuerteventura; from walking to horseriding...

Carlos Rivero
Carlos Ribeiro on horseriding on Fuerteventura
"When you go into the mountains with the horses you can see so far - the ocean on all sides - it's a very, very special place" [2:52]

Jesus Marrero
Walking guide Jesus Marrero on what makes Fuerteventura so special...
"Walking is a wonderful activity here... we nearly always have sun, and there's the trade wind which blows and keeps the temperatures comfortable" [2:30]

Ralph Baertle
Cycle tour operator Ralph Baertle on seeing Fuerteventura from 2 wheels
"We have good empty roads for cycling - and it is always summer temperatures here" [1:36]

Robert Randerman
Walking guide Robert Randerman on Fuerteventura walking
"Fuerteventura has nicest beaches in the whole Canaries with colours like the Caribbean" [2:57]

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Responsible Travel would like to thank the Fuerteventura tourist board for their sponsorship of this guide
Fuerteventura photography vacation in Spain

Fuerteventura photography vacation in Spain

Explore the darkness, Starlight Reserve, Fuerteventura

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