Fuerteventura food podcasts

Fuerteventura food podcasts

Listen to local people talk about the food on Fuerteventura; from traditional farming and food production to local cuisine...

Goat farmer Jose Hernandez on making Fuerteventura's goats cheese
"Despite the changes in our lives here over the past twenty years we have managed to keep our traditions alive" [1:55]

Jorge Rodriquez
Miller Jorge Rodriquez on the windmills on Fuerteventura
"The ground corn and wheat meal or gofio I produce here from this windmill is really tasty - we are harnessing the force of nature, it's the best way" [2:31]

Marcos Gutierrez Vera
Chef Marcos Gutierrez on Fuerteventura cuisine
"The cuisine of Fuerteventura is based on fish, and goat really. It's a very healthy sort of cooking - we use many herbs" [2:37]

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Fuerteventura photography vacation in Spain

Fuerteventura photography vacation in Spain

Explore the darkness, Starlight Reserve, Fuerteventura

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