Fuerteventura nature podcasts

Fuerteventura nature podcasts

Listen to local people talk about nature, wildlife and attractions on Fuerteventura...

Achille Le Cartier
Achille Le Cartier on nature on Fuerteventura
"I came here for the life we no longer have in Europe - the freedom and the nature" [2:59]

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana on whale watching on Fuerteventura
"We have a really nice sea here - very clean water and plenty of sea life; difference kinds of fish" [1:23]

Tony Gallardo
Head of the Environment Agency, Tony Gallardo on Fuerteventura's biodiversity
"This is one of the best places on earth to observe the biodiversity of the planet" [4:44]

Julie Ayres
Julie Ayres on Fuerteventura's beaches, caves & tourism
"There's about 250 beaches and even in the summer months you can go to one and not see a soul on them" [1:46]

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Fuerteventura photography vacation in Spain

Fuerteventura photography vacation in Spain

Explore the darkness, Starlight Reserve, Fuerteventura

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