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Marine conservation in Belize
Monitor reefs in the Caribbean, from US $1265 (5 days) ex flights
Marine conservation in Malaysia
Conserve the corals in this community focused dive project, from £725 - £1800 (7 days) ex flights
Belize marine conservation internship
High value work experience on idyllic Caribbean island, from US $3595 (4 weeks) ex flights
Madagascar diving & nature vacation, Nosy Be
Discover a natural paradise away from mass-tourism, from £1892 (8 days) ex flights
Mozambique marine conservation & Kruger safari
Moz Marine conservation & Kruger, from US $4136 (5 weeks) ex flights
Lionfish culling project in Belize
Learn how to survey and hunt invasive lionfish in N. Belize, from £600 - £1350 (7 days) ex flights
Mozambique marine conservation project
Help in integral marine conservation in stunning Mozambique, from £2295 - £7695 (4 weeks) ex flights
Marine conservation vacation in Oman
Study coral reefs of the beautiful Musandam Peninsula, Oman, from £1280 (7 days) ex flights
Marine conservation in Mexico for 15-17 year olds
Earn your padi/advanced in our Mexico marine adventure, from £1595 (14 days) ex flights
Marine conservation & research, Seychelles
Underwater research and diving in the tropical Seychelles, from US $4100 - US $8100 (4 weeks) ex flights
Raja Ampat diving project, Indonesia
Dive and conserve the stunning coral reefs of Raja Ampat, from £950 - £2200 (14 days) ex flights
Reef conservation volunteering in Belize
Join an award-winning research team in Belize, from £795 (7 days) ex flights
New Year Maldives cruise
Celebrate New Year 2016 on board a Maldives Cruise, from US $1799 - US $1999 (8 days) ex flights
Marine conservation holiday in Cambodia
Learn to scuba dive & help establish a marine protected area, from US $2195 (14 days) ex flights
Sea Turtle Conservation on Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
Sea Turtle Conservation & Research on Perhentian Islands, from £625 - £825 (14 days) ex flights
Honeymoon in the Maldives
Unique Romantic Maldives Local Island Honeymoon Experience, from US $2899 (8 days) ex flights
Marine conservation expedition in Mexico
Learn to dive while doing unique coral reef research, from US $3590 - US $11590 (4 weeks) ex flights
Turtle and reef conservation project
Turtle and Reef conservation in Perhentian, Malaysia, from MYR 1462.80 (4 weeks) ex flights
Marine conservation in Madagascar
Award winning coral reef research in south west Madagascar, from £1900 (21 days) ex flights
Marine conservation vacation in Belize
Award winning marine conservation in Belize, from £1950 (21 days) ex flights
Marine conservation in Cambodia
Learn to dive, build coral reefs and help local communities, from US $650 (7 days) ex flights

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Marine conservation in Belize
The diving was fabulous. The instructors are brilliant, very patient and informative! (more)Lucy Keech
The most memorable part was diving with like minded staff and guests who love and appreciate the ocean and contributing to research and conservation...Excellent opportunity and experience. (more)Michelle Lamarca
Tom Owens Caye was a magic location for a chilled week diving in Belize. Polly, Patty and the team were generous hosts. The food was delicious with the lionfish and banana pancakes particular highlights! Diving was excellent. Still feeling good about the lobster survey! (more)Karen Whitham
From US $1265 excluding flights
Marine conservation & research, Seychelles
Great staff, professional, very helpful and great fun! (more)N Prinssen
Very hard work, but worth the effort. I've seen some amazing things that I'm not likely to see anywhere else in the world...our work was mostly focused on monitoring nesting sea turtles and the protection of their nests, as well as conducting a census of the Coco De Mer tree and Giant Tortoises. (more)Naomi Parker
This is one of the most awesome adventures I've had and can't wait to go back. (more)Una Gallinetti
From US $4100 - US $8100 excluding flights
Marine conservation in Madagascar
Was the best thing ive ever done in my life...and if i could afford it i would go straight back (more)Charlie Panayi
The most memorable part of the vacation was meeting people and scuba diving/snorkelling...It was fantastic! (more)Amy Hall
The whole trip was simply amazing!...Firstly the camp is set in the most beautiful place, and on a good night the stars are unbelievable. I've never seen so many! Must have seen at least 5 shooting stars a night as well as the cosmos! (more)Daniel Williams
From £1900 excluding flights
Marine conservation expedition in Mexico
Memorable parts? The diving and marine life, the culture, the beauty of the place, i.e too many memorable parts. Tips? Take enough mosquito repellent and enjoy. Local benefits? Yes, definitely from the diving to the teaching English, to the football match with the town. Overall rating? Excellent and returned to Mexico shortly after. (more)Rebecca Emmett
From US $3590 - US $11590 excluding flights
Marine conservation in Malaysia
Everything was exciting, having breakfast while watching dusky lungers, doing snorkel tours and swimming with sharks, doing jungle treks, enjoying a beautiful Island and meet a lot of people which became very quickly friends. It was the most exciting vacation in my life and I really recommend it. (more)Wendy Heck
Engaging with nesting turtles during the night and witnessing the hatching of baby turtles from nests in the hatchery. This was truly memorable... I loved every sandy, sweaty moment! (more)Chris Smith
The most memorable part was watching baby turtles hatch and then releasing them down the runway. (more)Fiona Best
From £725 - £1800 excluding flights
Belize marine conservation internship
Memorable parts? 1. Snorkeling with the whale sharks. 2. Good diving instruction to next level of qualification. 3. Chance to do conservation surveys as something more than that which you usually do on a regular dive vacation. 4. chance to dive in Caribbean at dive sites that are not crowded, never were there other dive boats at the sites we dived, thus only 4 to 8 divers at the site from the boat. Tips? 1. To the extent your baggage allowance allows it, take items identified including... (more)Simon Timms
From US $3595 excluding flights

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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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It was OK
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A bit disappointing really

Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving and allows divers to stay underwater for long periods of time thanks to the scuba set of compressed air that they carry with them. There is a wide variety of scuba diving vacations available for absolute beginners as well as experienced divers. Red Sea diving vacations are very popular as the Red Sea is regarded as one of the best dive locations in the world and is noted for its marine life and corals. Red Sea diving vacations will reveal diverse aquatic sea life in abundance, including more than 1200 species of fish and 2,000km of reef extending along the coastline.

Many people go on Egypt scuba diving vacations to access the Red Sea. A well-liked Egypt diving destination is Dahab, which is a small town on the southeast coast of Egypt and has many dive centres. Dahab diving has gained worldwide fame and enjoys large numbers of tourists. You can go Dahab diving any time of year as it has pleasant weather all year round.

Dahab is characterised by shore diving, with depths for all levels amongst the maze of coral islands. Dahab diving can suit all levels - there are gentle reef slopes and coral gardens for beginners and some more challenging sites such as the Blue Hole or the Canyon for the more advanced. As well as diving in Egypt, other popular diving locations include diving in Lanzarote, Arctic diving, Antarctica diving, Sardinia diving vacations and scuba diving in Italy.

Dive Courses

If you want to learn to dive, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the worlds largest recreational diving membership and training organisation which offers several diving courses, ranging from the entry levels of‘scuba diver’ and ‘open water diver’ to the ‘advanced open water diver’ and ‘master scuba diver (divemaster)’. PADI courses are performance-based dive programs and emphasise practical knowledge and safety, dive physics and chemistry.

The Open Water Diver (OWD) entry-level certification is one of the most popular courses and consists of knowledge development, confined water dives, and open water dives. The Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) focuses on refining the skills learned in the OWD, allowing the diver to explore a broader variety of diving to a maximum of 30 metres including deep diving, drift diving and night diving.

The Divemaster qualification is generally used by a diver who has overall responsibility for a group of divers. During Divemaster training, candidates learn dive leadership skills through classroom and independent study, completing water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises. PADI members include dive centres, resorts and educational facilities all over the world and teach the majority of the world’s recreational divers so you can learn to dive on a diving vacation in a gorgeous location such as Greece, Egypt, Mexico or Indonesia.

Wreck Diving

There is something quite ghostly about exploring a sunken shipwreck which is teeming with the life of a coral reef. Most divers can’t resist exploring sunken vessels, aeroplanes and automobiles which soon become a safe haven for thousands of species and corals. Wreck diving is specialist but is accessible to divers of all abilities – some are available from the shore and can be enjoyed by beginners. Regions such as Micronesia, the Caribbean and Pacific have so many wrecks that they can be the focus of an entire diving vacation.

Whale Shark Diving

Whale shark diving is very popular as the Whale Shark is the biggest fish in the sea, reaching up to 18m in length, and is usually found in warm, tropical waters. There is little known about this graceful creature, which is supposed to have originated 60 million years ago. Many people go on whale shark scuba diving vacations which contribute to its conservation as it is currently listed as a vulnerable species and is frequently targeted by commercial fisheries.

Great white shark diving vacations are also sought after by those looking for the ultimate thrill. The Great White Shark is a predator, preying mainly on seals, and is found in the coastal surface waters in all major oceans. Great White Shark diving involves cage diving which offers you the unforgettable experience of having Great Whites swim around and above you.


Liveaboard diving vacations are a great option for those wishing to access remote areas and maximise the number of dives they can experience – up to four or five a day. Single travelers will find that liveaboard diving vacations offer a great opportunity for socialising and people who want to go diving with children will also benefit, as the facilities are all close to hand. You can choose a liveaboard diving vacation pretty much anywhere including the Polar Regions, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and the Caribbean.

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Make sure your dive doesn’t destroy what you’ve come to see. It's a privilege to be able to enter and experience the magical underwater world. However coral reefs around the world are under extreme threat, and if we want to ensure that our kids can enjoy the same wonderful experiences then we need to dive responsibly. Read Justin's top tips in this responsible scuba diving article.

New to scuba diving? Find out more about learning to scuba dive from Helena who learn to dive in the Red Sea in 2007. Read her advice in this learn to scuba dive article.

Our friends at Coral Cay Conservation have put together the following tips and guidelines to help travelers be more responsible divers. By taking these simple steps when visiting areas with coral reefs, you are helping protect the health of coral reefs and the marine life that depend on them for survival. Read their advice in this guidelines for scuba diving article.
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