Barbados holistic accommodation in the Caribbean


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We have an electric car charge point for our guests to use.
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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

The Chi Centre, we have an acre and a half of Tropical Fruit Trees, a Kitchen garden growing a variety of herbs as well as a vegetable garden. All foods are grown organically, all kitchen and garden waste is composted. We only use fruits and vegetables when in season, no canned produce is used, only fresh!

No chemicals of any kind have been used in the grounds for over 21 years! Guests do have the opportunity of learning about Organic Farming whilst volunteering in the garden! Rainwater and greywater is recycled and plans are to use clean rainwater for toilet flushing & washing machines! All light fittings are LED and Guests are encouraged to minimize their use of electricity and water! Electric fans are available instead of air-condition to minimize our electrical usage. As the Chi Centre is built of local Coral Stone, this makes it a relatively cool place, and we also have many windows which are open 24x7 in order to use the natural airflow, and the shade of trees near the house also cool the airflow. Our Guests are encouraged to Hike or Bike (when practical!) in order to conserve gas!

The owner has been an environmentalist for many years and therefore the Centre is Vegetarian, thus minimizing their footprint! A number of Crafts taught at the Centre

use recycled products. Sheets and towels are washed at the visitor's discretion (NOT every day!!). All washing is sun-dried on the washing line!
There is an electric dryer which can be used in an emergency!!!

No Polystyrene is used at the Centre, there are no Microwaves etc! We have Solar-powered hot water systems and plan to get off the grid as soon as possible!

The Impacts of this Trip

We donate anything no longer needed to the local Salvation Army, so that they can give it to the people in need, and the Centre has supported the local Challenor School for Special Needs Adults and Children with donations of clothes, and art & craft materials, for a number of years. The owner is an active member of Be the Change Barbados, as well as participating in Slow Foods, the Barbados Chapter, and supporting the local Environmental Group called The Future Centre.
Many products used at the Centre are sourced locally to support small businesses on the Island, and Guests are encouraged to help in Beach Cleanups etc.

All staff employed at the Centre are locals and the Cuisine is also Barbadian & Caribbean (not Tourist Junk Food!) The Chi Centre is committed to keeping the Barbadian community and economy thriving by providing a unique vacation destination that benefits both locals and tourists. The Chi Centre provides classes for locals to learn about sustainable and healthy living which would allow their daily living expenses to decrease!


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