Buenos Aires boutique hotel, Argentina

“An elegant boutique hotel, with 14 individually decorated suites, plus a bar and a Tango patio”


14 individually designed suites, including a family suite | High speed Wi-Fi | Bilingual staff | Buffet breakfast included



Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

In 2006, we purchased this historic building and undertook a major restoration and transformation into a boutique hotel with the objective of maintaining the original Belle Époque architecture & design. Most of the furniture is antique which has been restored and recycled. We use low energy lightbulbs throughout the hotel. We have a recyclable linen & towel policy whereby the client is encouraged to reuse linen & towels and to request changes on a need basis. We encourage our guests to use the extensive public transport systen available in Buenos Aires. We also encourage guests to drink the high quality tap water rather than buy bottled water, to avoid excess waste of plastic. All transport used by us uses low carbon fuel. All recyclable garbage from the hotel is separated for collection on a nightly basis. In the office we have a minimum use paper policy whereby all travel itineraries, reservations and confirmations are sent to customers and maintained by us in PDF format. Any paper used is used double sided and any waste paper and cardboard in recycled. All ink and toner cartridges are refilled and reused. All our furniture has previously been owned and was purchased at auctions. We check the environmental credentials of all our suppliers and service providers before doing business with them.

The Impacts of this Trip

We employ and contract the services of local people at the hotel. We have a “study-time” vacation for employees who are undertaking any further education courses. We have a “national first” policy whereby we give preference to local products. Our hotel is independently owned and does not pertain to a multinational chain. We also encourage our clients to consume local handicrafts and produce at local markets. A percentage of all profits is donated to a charity that provides a “reinsertion program” for vulnerable adolescents that have dropped out of the formal education system. We comply with the law and have an active policy & procedure to eliminate child abuse, prostitution and people trafficking. We take a photocopy of the passport or national document of all guests and visitors of the hotel. All our tours contribute to the local community by providing our clients access to their customs, products, music and language in each destination. We encourage our clients to visit small local restaurantes that comply with organic & healthy living best practice.

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