Costa Rica eco retreat, 3 day special


Responsible tourism

Costa Rica eco retreat, 3 day special

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


During the construction of the property heavy machinery was not used, and there was no major land movement. There was no clearing of land or cutting of trees. Structures were positioned so there would be minimal impact to the environment, therefore preserving the rainforest in its totality. Two different types of woods have been used in our creation: the first type, called “Green Wood”, was obtained with the permit of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) from trees that have fallen naturally over the years around the property and that were cut to size “in situ” and pulled to the building sites with Oxen. There was no impacting the forest with power vehicles or roads. The second type of wood used came from young harvested wood brought from the plantations in the central valley of Costa Rica.

The style of construction follows the Afro Caribbean Sustainable Architecture, which is building for maximization of ventilation, isolation from heat, protection from humid climate, enhancement of the natural elements of the rainforest such as view, sounds, and breeze. The shape of the roofs and materials provide protection in each building, all of which minimize the need for cooling.

A special custom-made sewage treatment system was designed by a sanitation engineer along with a strict control of the treatment of residual water. A large reservoir tank was built to collect rain water from the roofs for re-use for bathrooms and showers.

Since 1996, 80% of the entire property has been legally declared as Private Biological Reserve. Absolutely no exotic species of fauna or flora have been introduced into the rainforest to avoid alterations to the ecosystem. There are over 200 species of birds on the grounds.

“The Reserve takes in over 250 acres of primary and secondary rainforest which plays a very important role for the existing ecosystems since it protects one of the largest remaining forests in this area."

We use only biological products for cleaning and personal hygiene. We buy only chemical free vegetables and fruits for our cooking. We make compost from organic wastage and use the remaining organic trash as food for an animal farm next to us. We use a recycling system for plastic and glass and we only use energy efficient light bulbs.


The delicious food our onsite restaurant provides is locally sourced and the fruit is picked on site. We also have an onsite gift shop which features locally hand-crafted items. A large percentage of our ground staff are hired from local communities. This ensures that local families in the community are supported and have the opportunity for jobs in the tourism industry.

We promote and partner with local businesses that are aligned with sustainability practices and who also support the local community. When provided with the opportunity, we offer our guests advice and recommendations of locally owned businesses. We love to promote the local conservation agencies and we work with them to understand and implement the continued efforts and practices needed to protect the local wildlife and ecosystem.

We have partnered with the Peace Through Yoga Foundation (international Centre for Girls), which is a non-profit organization that educates, enriches, and empowers under-privileged girls in the rainforest area of Carbon I, Costa Rica.

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