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Responsible tourism

Dominica vacation accommodation

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


We live green. We are not simply "showy and luxurious" we are green. We have no AC to minimize the electrical consumption (we make the most of the island breeze) and we use renewable energies such as solar with some cottages fully on solar, some only for the hot water, and we have a large solar back up system. From 2016, all our computers, main building and restaurant lights, fridge, water pressure pump, will be on solar. We use rain water and each cottage has a cistern. We then filter the water. We re-use all the compost; both from the restaurant and from each cottage and villa. We use as many local building material as possible: river stones, hardwood, sand and gravel, pumice and chips, We live the "grow what you eat, eat what you grow" concept. Most of our produce and fruits come from the plantation, or from neighboring farms, We have banned the use of chemicals throughout the property since day 1. All our crops are organic, and we fight to maintain this!


We employ only people from our community throughout the hotel - for construction, maintenance, gardening, and the restaurant and hotel operation.
We partner with young entrepreneurs from the community. We assisted an electrician and trained him to become a skilled solar installer. We also partnered with a young mecchanic to help him set up his car rental company, and establish a customer base. We train the ladies and men from our community on other vital skills we need for the operation of our hotel.

We partner with local farmers on our "SHARE" program. SHARE stands for:
In this program, we promote sustainable Agriculture and provide land for free to young to be farmers . We teach them not to use chemicals, and assist them in marketing their crops abroad. We provide the logistics. In exchange, they maintain the cottages and villas private lots as a garden of eden.
We buy as much local as possible and do not import anymore.

We have partnered with our sister company Sustainable Earth Inc. ( to promote the use of renewable energies in Dominica.

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