Croatia villa sleeping 4 on Vis Island



Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Croatia villa sleeping 4 on Vis Island


Being an island, disposing of waste sustainably is very important to us. We separate waste on plastic, paper, glass and bio. Recycling is not well organized on the island of Vis, so we have to have our own containers and we transfer all our waste to the central waste collectors.

We clean the sea and the beach. My own family cleans the beach - as the bay is on the side of the island where the most of the plastic and trash gets washed up, it is a hard work that can take days. It is hard but worth as this is our part in protecting the wildlife.

I am a diver and we clean the sea regularly. It is organized by the Diving center and I am a part of the team of divers who participate all the time. Every year there is more and more plastic, and the task of cleaning is getting harder and harder. That’s why we educate our guests on how horrible effect plastic has on our sea. You could see seagulls dying on the shore, other birds are suffering as huge number of fish but it is not visible. We try to raise the awareness of protecting the island.

In our House rules we have a section on how every guest, and every person can change the behavior and be more aware of the damage or help. A single person can make a big change.


We work with and recommend restaurants that are family owned and small, where food and meat is local and organic. This is how our guests get the best local products, and how they also get to meet and see local production, local people, hard working family business. Their visit will support and help those families - with the benefit being felt on both sides. As we are local, we know about the places which are not on the map but deserve to be helped.

We also have our own instruction book on where our guests can get local products and it helps a lot. We do not promote touristic shops but small home made things.

Also, we support all local products and hand made crafts. Our guests can find in the house olive oil, honey, wine, wild orange marmalade...

I am one of 3 persons on Vis trying to solve the huge problem of stray cats. We have been working for many years but now results are starting to show.
The problem of stray cats is huge, and we have no Vet on the island. On one side we need cats to help us with mice, rats, snakes, but on the other hand there are so many of them that we cannot cope.

During the summer it is so so but winter is rough. They are hungry, and ill. So far the problem was solved by the horrible method of using rat poison.
Our initiative aims to organize free sterilization for all cats. We are in the process of getting the city space for the ambulance and we are waiting for the land for a cat shelter. Until we get all the approval, and that takes long time, we are making "Cat Spots". That means, on the spots where we have the most cats we build houses, so the cats can be protected from the cold and people can bring them food there.

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