Ecolodge accommodation in the French Alps



Responsible tourism

Ecolodge accommodation in the French Alps

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Reducing our environmental footprint, and improving our environmental and social contributions, is our key guiding principle at Chalet Rosière.



To reduce our waste at Chalet Rosière we compost all organic waste produced on-site in two compost piles in our allotment. We recycle guests' rubbish. We also minimise our consumption of harmful packaging by buying in bulk, avoiding things like TetraPaks and plastic, and refilling containers wherever suppliers will allow it.


We use energy saving devices, and plant trees to offset our carbon foot print.


We encourage guests' to choose low carbon travel options, by offering everyone who travels by train 2% cash back on arrival.


We purchase from small independent suppliers producing products made from sustainable materials wherever possible.


Optional catering is vegan or vegetarian, low in air miles, and palm oil free.


We're committed to making Chalet Rosière off-grid and carbon neutral within 5 years. Future plans include:

Switching to a 100% renewable energy provider
Installing solar panels
More tree planting
Rainwater harvesting



Chalet Rosière is located in a small, traditional farming community. We treasure our relationship with our neighbours and respect their way of life. We buy eggs and cheese from our neighbour, because we know that he treats his animals well, and because it is important to us to support local business.

The farmers in our village practise traditional alpine farming techniques, including transhumance. We take guests who are interested to meet our neighbours' animals. These intimate experiences show guests that gentler way of life is possible.

We're proud to partner with local service providers and craftsmen and always pay a living wage. We have shunned the typical approach of many English chalet owners in the French Alps, of forming exclusive expat communities and only using English labour and products. We want to celebrate our local French culture and contribute to our local community. We are here to enable tourists to connect with the local culture, and we aim to reflect that in everything that we do.

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