Seven Sisters bed and breakfast, South Downs

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Seven Sisters bed and breakfast, South Downs


There is no doubt that we are truly fortunate to be located within the Seven Sisters Country Park, a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, and we are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of it.

Our philosophy at Saltmarsh is very much in keeping with the South Downs National Park Association. We rarely have any waste, working with everything we have and recognising what is good about that. All of our staff adhere to the policy of recycling - glass, tin, paper, plastic, food, coffee.

We are sensitive to our energy and water consumption. All of our laundry is washed on site and air dried. Towels are only changed if your stay is longer than 3 days. All of our bedding and linen is cruelty-free, ensuring that the feather and down is sourced only as a by-product of the food industry, and monitored to ensure they practice the highest standards of animal welfare.

Whether a hearty cooked breakfast or a sumptuous afternoon tea, all of our food is made in our kitchen using the ingredients we come across. We use seasonal and ethically sourced meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, as much as can be sourced locally. Our fabulous coffee is ground and roasted in the neighbouring village of Littlington, where you will also find the Longman brewery who provide our lager and ales. Herbs, chillies, heirloom tomatoes and other seasonal veg are grown in the gardens at Saltmarsh, and our homemade chutneys and jams are made from the ingredients we come across in the walled garden.


Saltmarsh promotes local attractions, pubs, restaurants and sustainable walking trails to all of their guests. We have a guestbook showing the local places to eat, laying out the top attractions in East Sussex and offering a brief history into the area.

As well as providing seasonal jobs, apprenticeships and work experience to local schools and colleges, we have worked closely with students conducting their Duke of Edinburgh awards. Previous projects included a beach clean "clean up our world" project, where members of the Saltmarsh team joined forces with the local community to collect rubbish from the beach.

Saltmarsh has also been a venue for charity supper clubs, which we look to involve ourselves in much more in 2018. Local fundraising events and charities frequently ask us for one off donations of gift vouchers or sponsorship, to which we oblige. We often open our doors to those completing gruelling challenges for charity including sponsored walks and runs, offering a comfortable bed and lots of nutritious, homemade fuel!

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