Ungasan luxury resort in Bali


Responsible tourism

Ungasan luxury resort in Bali

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


As part of our Ungasan resort, Baliís ongoing commitment to its local community and environment, various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are planned every year.

Our Ungasan hotel will also continue its policy of monthly neighbourhood clean-ups, every year of activity, in which management and associates alike come together to enhance their physical environment. The resort also sponsors English classes twice weekly for Ungasan villagers, encouraging language proficiency vital to the areaís dependency on tourism.

Another activity taking place on property involves seaweed planting. Associates, management, guests and local stakeholders can join the resortís CSR Manager and a local farmer who lives near the resortís beach area to do their bit for the environment and community. The planting activity takes place at the resortís beach with participants stringing the seaweed on a rope which is then affixed to a rock at the waterís edge to encourage cultivation. After three months, the local farmer harvests the seaweed and sells it to a distributor in Bali. Besides generating income for the local coastal community, research shows that seaweed cultivation creates a significant positive impact in coral reef preservation efforts.

As part of our Greening Communities programme, where each resort within the group is charged with planting 2,000 trees per year, our Ungasan hotel has chosen to combat the problem of declining indigenous species by careful cultivation of the bellyache bush, beach plum, and the banyan tree, among others. Chosen for their cultural significance, these trees and their flowers and fruits are used by local Ungasan villagers as offerings in religious ceremonies.

We also operate a number of energy resource management initiatives to measure performance in key areas of environmental and social impact, and reduce water consumption and usage of recycled water, energy consumption, waste recycling, community commitment and usage of paper products, cleaning products and pesticides.


Forty five percent of the associates working at our resort are recruited from Ungasan Village. We always support Ungasan villagers by employing them to conduct the cultural resort activities. We also where possible always support local students and always buy from local vendors.

Local customs are always taken into consideration by us and we respect religious ceremonies and aim to maintain traditional culture.

The resort will be recruiting three new students as part of our Seedlings programme which seeks to enhance the long term prosperity of communities by building the capacities of young people. Through a mentorship programme, exposure to computer training and English language classes, the resort hopes to provide students with a sharpened skills set with the aim of expanding their career options.

Our Ungasan hotel, Bali has begun the resortís pursuit of Earth Check Certified status, having achieved Earth Check Silver status for the fourth consecutive year since 2012 and Earth Check Gold for the very first time in 2018. This significant achievement in what is widely regarded as the world's leading benchmarking, certification and environmental management program in the travel and tourism industry.

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