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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Pembrokeshire group accommodation, Wales

We are committed to remaining an economic force promoting sustainable adventure tourism in wilderness areas, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park here in West Wales. We aim to provide very high standards of hospitality and accommodation, whilst at the same time providing opportunities for our guests to make the most of the scope for exploring Pembrokeshire in a very low impact manner – by kayak, surf board or bike!

We run our minibuses on biodiesel, recycled chip fat, and thus help our guests to further reduce the carbon footprint of their trip. Our guides and staff all live locally, and can share the secret spots, idyllic nooks, and bays of the coastline with you. On a domestic and housekeeping level we use Ecover cleaning products and toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper. We source food from local providers where ever possible, and choose Fair-trade teas and coffees to serve to our guests. We are involved in actively lobbying and campaigning for increased access to Pembrokeshire via public transport through our associations with the North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum.

We take a range of measures in our day to day operations to reduce our impact, from using ecological cleaning products, soaps and shower gels in the lodge, heating the lodge and hot water using a ground source heart pump, composting food waste, through to sourcing local and seasonal produce wherever possible. Certain structural features, such as traditionally crafted windows, have been designed and made by local artisans using locally sourced and sustainably managed wood. We recycle paper, plastic, computer peripherals, glass and cans, as well as composting food waste. We avoid the use of paper products on a basic administration level, operating all bookings systems electronically whenever possible and choosing an ‘e brochure’ to avoid the use of printed counterparts.

We're not big on greenwash, and we don't believe in taking a preachy stance on environmental and social issues. We're real people, living in an inspirational environment, and as such we aim to minimize our impact where we can, and show that sustainable living can be fun!

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