ABTA information for our travelers

Who we are
Responsible Travel is responsibletravel.com Limited, a UK company registered in England and Wales with the company number 03902313. Our address is First floor, Edge House, 42 Bond Street, Brighton BN1 1RD, UK.

We've been in business since 2001 and booked vacations for over 100,000 customers. We choose the vacation companies and accommodations we work with very carefully based on their commitment to responsible tourism and we monitor our customers' experiences via our customer reviews to ensure they are delivering outstanding vacations. We have been working with most of these vacation and accommodation providers for many years and they have proven track records regarding the quality of their vacations. We are also ABTA members and our ABTA membership number is P7085. As an ABTA member we have been rigorously vetted for financial stability.

Financial protection:
There are three scenarios:
  1. If Responsible Travel cease trading your vacation will run as planned as your contract is directly with the vacation company/provider
  2. If your vacation provider ceases trading, does not give you your vacation and they do not have any financial protection themselves, our Responsible Travel Guarantee will cover you*
  3. If in very unlikely circumstances Responsible Travel cease trading and your vacation provider ceases trading ABTA will refund you or repatriate you if you are actually on vacation when the vacation provider ceases trading.

*Note: For the full terms and conditions regarding our Guarantee please do always refer to our website:
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