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Responsible Travel is petitioning the UK Government to direct some of the existing 3bn annual tax revenues from aviation into developing electric powered commercial aviation.

Although tourism faces many challenges in becoming more sustainable, by far the biggest is the carbon emissions caused by burning aviation fuel, kerosene.

None of us in tourism can claim to be responsible or sustainable with aviation contribution to global warming growing so quickly.

The future lies in electric airplanes. Despite a prototype electric airplane first flying in 1973 the aviation industry lags far behind the motor sector in progressing electric technologies - largely because of lack of investment.

Over the next 30 years prospects for electric planes are good, but to keep global warming within 2 degrees we need these planes flying commercially far sooner.

The UK Government raises 3bn a year from taxation of flights - a tax called Air Passenger Duty. Despite initially saying this was an 'environmental' tax the Government has never given any information about how the money is spent.

We are calling on the UK Government to commit a substantial sum from this existing tax revenue to invest in the R&D required to deliver electric powered technology for commercial aviation.


Responsible Travel

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