How to reduce single use plastic

Finding alternatives to single use plastics is not an easy task so we thought it might be useful to share any tips and links we've come across via our no single use plastic vacations campaign.

Alternate resources

Travel without Plastic
This is a brilliant resource centre for hoteliers, accommodation providers and tour operators with lots of tips on how to go about reducing or eliminating single use plastics whilst still meeting health, safety and quality expectations:

They are also in the process of collating a list of alternatives to plastic products:

A Plastic Planet
Not sure what corn starch or biodegradable packaging means? This is the go-to resource library for alternatives to plastic packaging, including info sections on what they are, why they work and how you can responsibly deal with them post use.

Moral Fibres
A green lifestyle blog co-ordinated by Wendy Graham who has worked in the sustainability sector for years. This is her plastic-free resources page which contains information and tips on finding everything from plastic free bathroom cleaners and toiletries to plastic free teas and baby products:

Travel bottles
There are lots of reusable water bottles on the market now.
If you’re going to an area where you’re not sure the water is ‘safe to drink’ however, it could be worth investing in a ‘water safe’ bottle.
Travel Straw are a company who have invested in water bottles with added technology which makes unsafe water safe to drink. Their products can be found here:

Large compact water carriers
For some of our operators, particularly those organising sailing vacations, having large water carriers on board for drinkable water can be essential. Luckily there are 5L plus bottles which fold down to a packable size, this being one example:

Water at airports
Accessing water post-security at airports can be unclear and purchasing a bottle of water too tempting, especially when running for a flight. This brainwave website might be useful to share with your guests pre/post departure as it aims to get travelers collaborating on how to access free water at airports. You can see more, and contribute here:

Starting conversations

Single use plastic has found its way into our supply chains in a big way so it is by no means an easy task to eradicate it. For some of our operators, councils were requesting them to use plastic bin liners for rubbish collection and it was only through starting conversations with their local councils and/or bin bag suppliers that they were able to enact change.

One of our tips would therefore simply be to start conversations. If the local council is being difficult about bin liners or if your accommodation supplier won't budge on plastic wrap then keep persisting. Send them information on alternatives, show them media coverage of the issues - the results may surprise you!

Inspiring campaigns

Our operator Secret Paradise is looking to eliminate single use plastic straws from the Maldives and has invited all their partner guesthouses to pledge to stop using plastic straws in their accommodations. You can read more about their campaign, War on straws in the Maldives, below:

Surfers Against Sewage are running a plastics free community project where they are looking to individuals and their communities to reduce their plastic consumption and lobby the government for changes to legislation:

Also worth checking out their shop for plastic and BPA free products.
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