Is your property right for Responsible Travel?

Is your accommodation authentic, responsible, characterful and in keeping with the local environment? If so read on to find out more about us and the type of properties we choose to market to help you decide whether we are right for your businesses.

Local character and authenticity

Our site visitors want interesting and beautiful places to stay. Whether they want to relax by the pool or get out on a bike, it’s the difference and uniqueness of the place, its people, culture and nature that really interests them.

Too many accommodations ‘export’ a UK or US look/feel/experience to other places. We’re really interested in hotel design, staffing, foods and experiences that reflect local character and differences. Other places tend to commodify or fake up cultures and history to serve up to tourists. We find this to be demeaning to guests and local people. Something truthful, sincere and genuine is more honest and more rewarding for everyone.

It could be that we find this in a small or medium sized property or even a large one (although this is far less likely) – there are no absolute rules on size.

Travel like a local

Our clients love the getting the inside track on places from the owner’s and staff at accommodations. Some really interesting people from around the world own/ run or work in our properties. The best of them have one thing in common – a real passion for the place in which they operate.

When our clients visit they get to ‘travel like a local’ – to see things through insiders eyes rather than just briefly passing through like every other tourist.


We believe that there is a link between thoughtful hoteliers who care about their impacts on destinations and local people and the authentic and local experiences we’ve explained above.

You are going to have to build a convincing page on Responsible Travel that will meet ‘Our Promise’. As you will see here you don’t need to addresses every sustainability issue – just to evidence real work to address two or more environmental and social issues that are most relevant locally.
Photo credits: [Local character & authenticity - Granada: M.V Photography] [Travel like a local - Tibet: ArtWell] [Responsibility - Kerala: Rafal Cichawa]
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