Responsible Travel Guarantee Terms & Conditions

We understand that purchasing vacations from companies you may not have heard of may cause some concern, especially when they are based in another country. We've been operating since 2001 and we have never had a vacation company go out of business where our customers have not received a full refund. Our Guarantee is in place to reassure you so you have the peace of mind that we will step in and refund the amount you paid for the vacation you booked through Responsible Travel if something goes badly wrong and the vacation or accommodation provider ceases trading or, for some reason, cannot provide the vacation you booked and refund you. This Guarantee does not include refunding the cost of any flights booked as the vast majority of the vacations advertised on our site do not include flights. We still however, always recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance and pay by credit card where possible.

Now you can book with the vacation companies and accommodation providers on our site with confidence knowing that if the very unlikely occurs and they cease trading or fail to honour your booking, and you cannot get your money back through your insurance, credit card company or any bonding scheme, Responsible Travel will refund you in full. Of course there are terms and conditions but rest assured these are just the sensible rules we feel we need to operate our Guarantee for you.

The not so small print:

As soon as you believe the company has ceased trading or is in difficulty you must call us immediately on 01273 829 260 (or 0044 1273 829 260 outside the UK) asking for the Finance Department and quoting "Responsible Travel's Guarantee".

Our Guarantee is based on the following:
  • Only customers who have purchased a vacation after first making contact with the vacation provider via the Responsible Travel site are eligible for this Guarantee.
  • As soon as you believe the vacation or accommodation provider has ceased trading or is in difficulty you must call us immediately.
  • This policy will come into effect only in circumstances when the vacation provider ceases trading or fails to honour their contract with you and they cancel your vacation and do not refund you.
  • This Guarantee will come into effect only once all options available to you to obtain a refund have been exhausted (e.g. insurance or credit card claim, settlement from the vacation provider, settlement from bonding, etc).
  • Proof of unsuccessful claims on your travel insurance, credit card, bonding agent would be required prior to Responsible Travel being able to refund you.
  • We will not compensate you beyond the terms of the vacation provider. This means that we will refund the cost of the vacation you booked with the vacation provider via our site, but not additional extra cost you may have incurred, including but not limited to flights, taxis, other travel arrangements or associated costs.
  • Proof of booking will be required in the format of the vacation or accommodation provider invoice clearly showing the vacation details, costs and any funds paid.
  • Proof of funds paid would be required if not shown on the vacation or accommodation providers invoice.
  • In order to verify your claim, acceptable proof that the vacation or accommodation provider has cancelled your vacation and not refunded you or that they have ceased trading may be sort by Responsible Travel before any refund can be made.
  • We may reasonably request further supporting documentation we consider necessary to process any claim.
  • Responsible Travel will do all we can to consider your claim promptly.
  • Responsible Travel will refund you as efficiently as possible.
  • Our Guarantee is not a substitute for travel insurance and Responsible Travel strongly recommends that you have suitable travel insurance cover for your vacation
  • This Guarantee is at the discretion of Responsible Travel directors and their decision is final. Responsible Travel accepts no liability in offering this Guarantee and operates it in good faith only to give extended assurance to our customers that they can book via Responsible Travel with confidence.
When our Guarantee is not applicable:
  • This Guarantee is not applicable to travelers who have already booked their vacation with one of our vacation providers and then contact the vacation providers via the Responsible Travel site regarding the same booking.
  • This Guarantee is not applicable when vacations or accommodations are not booked via Responsible Travel website.
  • This Guarantee does not come into effect for any vacations that have taken place but where you may not be satisfied. In such cases, if you are not satisfied with your vacation then the first step is to resolve it with our vacation or accommodation provider while you are in the destination. However, if you need further help please contact us on your return and we will speak with the vacation providers as we aim to conclude the matter in a satisfactory manner for both parties.
  • This Guarantee does not apply where the vacation or accommodation provider ceases trading due to political disputes, border closures, refusal of visas, industrial action, climate or other matters of a similar nature and any other force majeure / act of God.
  • This Guarantee is not applicable where no funds have exchanged hands.
  • This Guarantee does not cover flights.
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