Where to go on vacation in July

Inca Trail

  • Borneo can be visited year-round - but this is the driest season, so the best time for visiting the rainforest and Mt Kinabalu.

  • This is a great tome to embark on an Arctic expedition cruise - but they're very popular at this time so book well in advance.

  • It's the dry season in Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, so you'll have enjoy clear skies and plenty of animals congregating around the ever-shrinking waterholes. It's very cold at night though and during early morning game drives - hats and gloves are recommended!

  • This is the peak time to see the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, including the famous Mara River crossing - book well in advance!

  • Peru has dry weather in the Andes and drier-than-usual weather in the Amazon - making this a great time for trekking and seeing wildlife. This is a busy time on the Inca Trail though - so be sure to book your permit at the beginning of the year, when they are released!

  • There's virtually 24-hour daylight in Iceland - and migrating whales can be seen in the surrounding waters. Warmer weather also means great conditions for hiking. But be sure to pack mosquito repellent!

  • Insider tip!

    If you're itching to visit India, and keen to get a good deal, the north of the country is still sunny while the monsoon drenches the south.

    Alaska enjoys close to 24 hours of daylight in midsummer - this is a great time to come and discover the region's hiking trails and wildlife.


Where NOT to go on vacation in July

  • This is the monsoon season across mainland Southeast Asia, southern India and Nepal, causing travel disruption in most of the region - though you'll get some cheap deals.

  • It's cool and wet in South Africa's Western Cape.

  • Morocco is just too hot to travel inland or for activities such as hiking, cycling and desert camping.

  • Southern Brazil will be very cold - but other regions are dry and pleasantly warm.

  • Cuba is very wet, hot and humid - with the southeast being the worst affected.

  • Much of southern Patagonia becomes inaccessible, as well as being freeing cold with few daylight hours.

  • Soaring temperatures and prices can make traveling in midsummer unpleasant in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Portugal and Spain - especially if you're planning an activity break. In some regions, such as Italy and Croatia, as well as crowded beaches and hotels, you'll find thousands of passengers disembarking daily from cruise ships - making for a less than relaxing vacation.

  • It's peak mosquito season in Finnish Lapland - as well as the peak vacation period for Finns, meaning places will be crowded, pricey and booked well in advance.

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