Where to go on vacation in March


  • Burma is dry and warm but not too hot

  • Whales are at their most abundant in Antarctica at this time.

  • Enjoy some early spring sunshine in southern Morocco - this is a great time for activity vacations as it's not too hot.

  • Costa Rica is dry and mostly sunny, so this is a great time for wildlife and activity vacations. But of course - you're still in the rainforest - so do still pack your waterproof!

  • Cuba is at its driest - while avoiding the summer storms and the winter chill.

  • Galapagos enjoys calmer seas and warmer weather - making this the best time to visit, despite the greater chance of rain. You'll also miss the busy vacation season - these islands are popular with families!

  • Andalucia Is lovely at this time, with warm, sunny days making it great for a walking or cycling vacation. The aromatic orange blossom is also in bloom at the end of the month.

  • The 24-hour darkness has lifted in Sweden, Finland and Norway, but the snow remains in the northern regions, as do the Northern Lights. This is a great time for a winter activity vacation.

  • In southwestern Sri Lanka; the wildlife is abundant in Yala National Park and whales can be seen off the coast - this is also the best month for sighting blue whales.

  • Head to Nepal for some serious trekking after the winter snows have melted, and before the monsoon season hits.

  • Insider tip!

    If you're looking for a budget safari in Kenya and Tanzania, you can get some good deals now as the rainy season is due to start. The rains seem to arrive that bit later every year though - so you could get lucky with pleasant weather, low prices and few other vehicles crowding round the wildlife.

    If you've always wanted to see the largest animal on earth - head to the Azores, as this is the peak time for spotting blue whales.

Northern Lights

Where NOT to go on vacation in March

  • Southern Vietnam is scorching in March.

  • Madagascar's cyclone season is coming to an end - but it's still incredibly wet.

  • The Amazon regions of Ecuador and Peru could be flooded, causing travel disruption and attracting mosquitoes - as well as making wildlife harder to see. But you can still visit the Brazilian Amazon - you'll just be traveling by boat or canoe instead of on foot!

  • The Inca Trail has reopened - but will still be pretty soggy and muddy, with fog limiting those glorious Andean views.

  • Some facilities in rural Scotland, such as hotels and restaurants, may still be closed.

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