Best places to go on vacation in May


  • Borneo can be visited year-round - but this is the driest season, so the best time for visiting the rainforest and Mt Kinabalu.

  • Namibia and Botswana's landscapes are still fresh from the rainy season, but you'll have clear skies and plenty of wildlife. It's chilly at night though - especially in the desert!

  • Madagascar is lush and green following the recent rainy season.

  • This is your last chance to visit Morocco before the summer heat really kicks in!

  • Galapagos enjoys calmer seas and warmer weather - making this the best time to visit, despite the greater chance of rain. You'll also miss the busy vacation season - these islands are popular with families!

  • Spain. This is a gorgeous time to visit Catalonia - you'll avoid the summer heat, humidity and crowds - and bag some great deals on flights and hotels. The weather is also great for more active cycling and walking vacations. There's still time to get active in Andalucia before the summer heat kicks in, and the Picos de Europa also have pleasant weather for exploring.

  • Head to Sweden, Finland or Norway for long days, warmer weather and lower prices - this is a great time for activities such as walking, cycling or kayaking. You'll avoid the summer mosquito season, too!

  • Croatia, Italy, Greece, southern Portugal and Turkey also have great weather for cycling, hiking or water-based activities, and you'll avoid the summer crowds.

  • You'll catch the best of the weather in China - the north has thawed from the winter chill, while the summer heat and humidity hasn't yet kicked in in the south.

  • This is peak season for tiger safaris in India and Nepal. The climate may be unpleasantly hot, but this is the key - as the tigers have to come out in search of water.

  • This is the best all-round month in Sri Lanka - you'll miss the summer and winter monsoon seasons, and there's plenty of wildlife visible in Yala National Park.

  • Insider tip!

    Some Arctic cruises begin now - and the earlier you get there, the more pristine the snowscapes will be - and the bigger the icebergs.

    This is the start of the dry season in Peru - but the winter chill hasn't yet kicked in. It's still outside school vacations so there will be more Inca Trail permits available; we think this is a great time to travel!

    Norway can have some lovely mild weather at this time, along with very long daylight hours - and few other visitors.


Where NOT to go on vacation in May

  • This is the cyclone/monsoon season across mainland Southeast Asia. Some regions are also unbearably hot and humid, and the Mekong Delta may flood - causing travel disruption.

  • This is peak rain in Kenya and Tanzania. Wildlife disperses, some lodges and roads in remote areas will close, and it's a bad time to attempt to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya.

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