Where to go on vacation in November


  • Northern Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand are dry and warm but not too hot.

  • Now's the time to head to Antarctica for pristine snowscapes and the largest icebergs, before the summer warmth kicks off a giant thaw.

  • This is a great time to go trekking in Nepal; you'll miss the summer monsoons and the winter freeze.

  • Kerala in southern India is a great destination for some winter sun.

  • It's baby lemur time in Madagascar!

  • Insider tip!

    This is the season of the "short rains" in Kenya and Tanzania - meaning it's quieter with lower prices. But the rains shouldn't disrupt travel - and they freshen up the dry landscape.

    The rainy season starts now in South Africa's Kruger National Park - but the rain tends to fall in short, sharp bursts. You can miss the school vacation crowds (local and international) and find some good deals if you travel now. You'll also catch some migratory bird species.

  • Andalucia is lovely at this time, with cool, sunny days making it great for a walking or cycling vacation.


Where NOT to go on vacation in November

  • This is the wet season in Borneo - and although you can still visit, climbing Mt Kinabalu and visiting the Kinabatangan River area are not advised at this time due to poor weather conditions and possible flooding.

  • Finland and Scandinavia experience the worst of all the seasons - it's dark, cold and damp without the snow - meaning both summer and winter activities are out of the question. Wait a month or two for fairytale winter scenes.

  • The northern regions of Spain and Portugal also have a distinctly British climate in winter - cold, grey and drizzly.

  • Typhoons hit Japan.

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