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Walking vacation in Picos de Europa, Spain

The Picos de Europa (literally translated as the Peaks of Europe) are without doubt are the most impressive mountains in all of Spain. It is a compact range of mountains no more than 30 miles long and 15 miles wide but within its confines there is some spectacular walking with stunning scenery that will not disappoint. Our trek takes in all the best that the Picos offers. A single base is not practical due to the long drives around the mountain range... you just walk over it. The mountains are predominantly limestone in nature which produces impressive jagged peaks. The highest mountain rises to over 2600 metres and there are spectacular deep gorges that you will explore. Most of the ...Read more >
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Wales self guided hiking, Offa’s Dyke

Leaving England and the Cheshire Plains, just a short hop over the border with Wales brings the visitor to a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the north east corner of this Celtic land. Smooth round hills rise within a few miles of England and place names fall into the unpronounceable category to those unfamiliar with the Welsh language. There is a distinctive change in the ‘feel’ of the land, perhaps attributed to the peace and rural ness discovered so quickly when Liverpool and Deeside have barely slipped from view? The Clwydian Range rises to provide a perfect boundary as their soft rounded hills fall sharply into the Vale of Clwyd below. From the summits, the sharp ...Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Nepal Peekey Peak Trek, self guided

No doubt you probably haven’t heard of this emerging trek we’re offering (not yet anyway), but we believe it truly has all the stunning appeal of the “famous” Nepalese treks, just without the tourist crowds and very high altitude. Furthermore, you gain the reward of supporting local communities who haven’t yet benefitted from the steady flow of tourism within Nepal. This trek also has the added advantage that it is a continuous one-way route, unlike other Nepal Treks which tend to be out and back routes. So, what is Peekey Peak? Peekey Peak itself is a mountain peak within the Himalayan Region standing proud at 4065m with arguably the best panoramic views of Mount Everest and the ...Read more >
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China relaxed hiking vacation

For those looking for less strenuous walking in China but still encompass the the culture and history of the country we have combined our Guilin Rivers and Rice Terraces trek with a visit to Xi'an for the Terracotta Warriors. Guilin - Rivers and Rice Terraces One of the most appealing aspects of hiking in the Guilin area is the variety of walking it offers. Part of the time will be spent north of the city amongst the most famous Rice Terraces in the world – The Dragon’s Backbone. In contrast, you then travel south of the city to idyllic Yangshuo in the heart of the karst hills. Xi'an and the Terracotta Warriors Few visitors would wish to miss an opportunity to witness yet another of ...Read more >
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Dominica hiking vacations

Anyone who has been to or read about Dominica will appreciate that this is no ‘usual’ Caribbean Island of palms, white sands and turquoise sea. Although Dominica has these blessings, it’s her unique black sands, Atlantic surf, steaming pools, 9 dormant volcanoes, 365 rivers and cascading waterfalls amidst verdant rainforest which supply a uniqueness to the adventurous visitor. With so much to discover the best way is on foot. Dominica branded as ‘The Nature Island’ is an understatement as islanders and visitors witness the amazing ability nature has, under perfect conditions, to regenerate herself from hurricane devastation. This is the ‘renewed’ destination of previously unseen variants ...Read more >
From US $2,469 excluding flights

Maestrazgo trek walking vacation in Spain

Our Maestrazgo trek provides walkers with the rare opportunity to travel through a little known region of Spain which remains untouched by the modern world. Straddling the regions of Teruel and Aragon in Northeast Spain Maestrazgo, this region has been designated an area of outstanding cultural interest and natural beauty. Overnight stays are often in villages founded by the Knight Templar, El Cid, castellated strongholds perched on rocky crags above deep ravines. Walking between villages each day offers ever changing striking landscapes. Jagged mountains, rivers, canyons, moorlands and forests all intersperse with fields where farmers continue to eke out a living as their ancestors have ...Read more >
From US $1,035 excluding flights

Off the beaten track walking vacation in Spain, Els Ports

Discover a rare opportunity to travel through a little-known region of Spain, even to many Spaniards! The National Park area of Els Ports and river valley of Matarraña/Matarranya sit astride the boundary of 3 Spanish regions-Valencia, Catalunya and Aragon offering the visitor a blend of different cultures. Travel through dramatic mountainous scenery and jaw-droppingly pretty villages; it really is a treat for connoisseurs of “untamed” Europe. Walking here offers the very best of Els Ports' limestone landscapes complete with vast outcrops of rock that fold, twist and rise in water worn slender pinnacles. Think of ravines and rushing streams in this green and unusually lush part of Spain with ...Read more >
From £814 excluding flights

China hiking vacation, adventure tour

For those looking for adventurous walking in China these 2 treks offer a chance to go to remote areas of the country which very few Westerners visit. Szechuan This special region of China remains in a time warp and to access it requires visitors to travel over a high mountain range with surrounding snow-capped peaks rising to over 5000m. Beyond the mountains are extensive grass plateau and into the folds of the mountain lie deep verdant valleys. This is the majestic setting for our trekking and camping experience (optional non camping itinerary). You will be walking through grassy plains set between high mountain peaks as well as out on the open steppe of the high plateau. Tiger Leaping ...Read more >
From US $3,139 excluding flights

Nepal trekking vacation, Annapurna Sanctuary

Nepal is a trekking paradise, and the hike up to the Annapurna Sanctuary is one of the classic Himalayan treks, a much celebrated route thanks to its diverse scenery and the reward of seeing the dramatic amphitheatre of 6,000m mountains. Another pleasure of trekking in the Annapurna region is the chance to meet local people and see mountain life as you hike through Gurung farming villages, which cling to the steep mountainsides. There are no roads here, so local people can benefit from trekkers passing through, who stay in the lodges in traditional villages and use porters from the region to help carry their luggage. The scenery on this trek varies enormously as you travel higher and ...Read more >
From US $1,649 excluding flights

Macedonia vacation, self guided hiking

Explore Macedonia on foot, on this eight-day self guided walking vacation. Enjoy a great variety of walking, passing tiny villages and green forests, roaming up mountains and above lakes. The walks are mostly in the mountainous west of the country, near the Albania border, in three of the country’s national parks. This is a remote area, but you will still be able to experience the rural life of the country and meet the friendly local people. You won’t be scaling rugged peaks – the mountains here have softly rounded summits with no vertiginous sections. Some days the walks are quiet lengthy but the paths are generally good. There is often a choice of routes each day and all out-and-back ...Read more >
From US $939 excluding flights

Trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal

A trek to Everest Base Camp with an ascent of Kala Patar to view the highest mountain on earth has to be a truly once in a lifetime experience. However, anyone with a high level of fitness and good stamina can attempt this challenging trek to fulfil their ambition. Although the distance of each hiking day may not always be long, the altitude will undoubtedly have an effect on your walking ability, but we take things slowly and with flexibility offering plenty of time to adjust your body to the altitude. Trails are all used by local people for their everyday living as there are no roads in the Everest Khumbu Region - most are therefore well maintained with some steep stepped sections as well ...Read more >
From US $1,939 excluding flights

Cape Verde hiking vacations, South Islands

This tailor made, eight day walking vacation in the southern islands of Cape Verde can be booked as a guided or self-guided walking vacation, getting around using inter-island flights and shared taxis, ‘Aluguars’, to get to and from the trails and your hotels. Flying in to Sal and on to Praia, or direct to Praia from Lisbon, you’ll start your trip on the island of Santiago. Here you can explore the UNESCO-protected old capital of Cidade Velha and the scenic mountain trails around your hotel. There will be the option to climb Pico d’Antonio, the highest mountain, or take a more leisurely walk through the Serra Malagueta Natural Park. From São Filipe on the island of Fogo, you can choose the ...Read more >
From US $1,049 excluding flights

Cape Verde hiking vacations, North Islands

Throughout this Cape Verde walking vacation, you'll get to experience the very best of the north islands' naturally beautiful landscapes and wonderful climate. We offer this vacation on a guided basis. In general, paths are in good condition and mule trails have been smoothed over time however, there are some that have become slightly overgrown and aren't sign-posted so please take this into consideration before embarking on a walking tour. Also, in some areas, Santo Antao, for instance, heights a good head for heights is necessary with trails and roads at altitude offering amazing views and a bit of a challenge. Guided walking vacations in Cape Verde. This is a destination where walking ...Read more >
From US $824 excluding flights

Hiking vacation in St Lucia

The Island Tiny St. Lucia, shaped like a tear drop, is just 24 miles long and 14 miles wide. It forms part of a volcanic chain of islands and is widely known for its two great spires, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. They are among the Caribbean’s most striking landmarks, jutting straight up for over half a mile out of the ocean. The island has superb rainforests, volcanic ridges, valleys, beautiful beaches and unique flora and fauna – a paradise for bird watchers and walkers. Islanders are anxious to preserve their special island and much is now protected providing the walker with a dream landscape to explore. English is the official language, but the French sounding Creole patois is widely ...Read more >
From £964 excluding flights

Annapurna luxury trekking vacation, Nepal

The Annapurna region has long been one of the most popular hiking regions in Nepal. This is not surprising as it offers the hiker an opportunity to walk through spectacular scenery amongst majestic mountain peaks. In addition you experience Nepali mountain life passing through Gurung villages clinging to the mountain sides where farming has continued unchanged in its methods for centuries, but now supported by providing hospitality for trekkers. You will walk through Rhododendron forests which offer an unforgettably colourful sight, and through giant bamboo stands above fast-flowing mountain rivers filled with melt water as they pass through deep gorges. Guided Walking A guide is ...Read more >
From US $1,949 excluding flights

Hiking vacation in China, classic walks

For those looking to do the most classic walks which China has to offer then these treks offer this with two of the most identifiable walks in the country. Beijing and The Great Wall We have selected five contrasting stretches of the Great Wall which cover Restored and Intact Sections with safety a prime consideration. These sections offer a magnificent and unforgettable insight into the different features and surrounding landscapes to be seen on the Wall and along its boundaries. Views are superb as the Wall snakes its way into the distance with watchtowers topping every peak. Tiger Leaping Gorge (Gorge itinerary only) In this spectacular part of China with dramatic and diverse natural ...Read more >
From US $2,434 excluding flights

The Cumbria Way walking vacation in England

The Area From its glittering lakes to its mountainous peaks, the Lake District is home to some of the United Kingdom’s most breath-taking landscapes. Described by Cumbrian-born poet Wordsworth as ‘The loveliest spot that man hath found’, and it is not hard to see why. Located in the north-west of England and within the county of Cumbria, the Lake District has been attracting visitors since the 18th century, inspiring both the Picturesque and Romantic movements. Such movements recognised not only the natural splendour of the landscape, but developed ideas surrounding the value of the landscape in inspiring and restoring the human spirit. This appreciation of the Lake Districts landscape ...Read more >
From £739 excluding flights

China strenuous hiking vacation

For those looking for strenuous walking in China these 3 treks offer challenge as well as the opportunity to marvel at some of the most fantastic views that the country has to offer. Beijing and The Great Wall We have selected five contrasting stretches of the Great Wall which cover Restored and Intact Sections with safety a prime consideration. These sections offer a magnificent and unforgettable insight into the different features and surrounding landscapes to be seen on the Wall and along its boundaries. Views are superb as the Wall snakes its way into the distance with watchtowers topping every peak. Mount Emei Mount Emei is a UNESCO world heritage site rising abruptly from the ...Read more >
From US $3,352 excluding flights

Croatia self-guided trekking vacation, Dalmatian Islands

The exquisite Dalmatian Islands lie just off the Croatian coastline, resting atop the inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea. These unique islands offer walkers who visit a diversity of experience and pockets of discovery to relish in, whilst the coastal air supplies a fresh breeze to compliment the blissful Croatian sun; perfect for walking! We feature the islands of Brac and Hvar, renowned for their relaxed ambience, fantastic local cuisine and wine, intriguing historic cities and towns, and some of the most scenically dramatic walking in Europe, these Dalmatian Islands are the picture perfect destination for a keen walker searching for a spectacular natural beauty. Your journey ...Read more >
From US $1,095 excluding flights

Pembrokeshire coast path walking vacation in Wales

Winding its way for 186 miles (299km), the Pembrokeshire Coast Path features some of the most spectacular and varied coastline in the UK. This ancient coastal landscape lies within Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which despite being one of the smallest in the UK, features an array of magnificent coastal scenery. The geodiversity of this coastal landscape is truly extraordinary, from craggy volcanic outcrops to towering limestone cliffs. This unspoiled coastal environment is the perfect habitat for native wildlife including rare seabird species, Atlantic grey seals, dolphins, and porpoises as well seasonal wildlife such as orcas, blue sharks, and turtles. The wonderful displays of spring ...Read more >
From £599 excluding flights
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