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India wildlife safari tour of Kaziranga

In this wildlife tour you will visit five wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks including the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park, one of the last bastions of the one horned rhino and admittedly one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world. You will also get to see many endangered and rare species of mammals and birds including water buffaloes, wild boars, wild elephants, deer, etc. Kaziranga has the highest density of tigers. From jeep safaris to boat rides and nature treks we can assure you a wildlife trip like no other.Read more >
From £1,750 excluding flights

Bhutan and North East India tour

This tour covers the very best of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and North East India. While in Bhutan you will visit Buddhist Monasteries, including the famous Taktshang or Tiger’s Nest in Paro, Museums, Temples and enjoy the scenic views of the Himalayas and enjoy Bhutanese hospitality. A 45 minute flight from Paro will take you to Guwahati, the gateway of North East India and thereafter, enjoy jeep rides in Kaziranga National Park, experience a ride on a countryboat to take you to Majuli, the largest river island and visit the scenic state of Meghalaya, which is perpetually covered in clouds with rolling hills adding to the scenic landscape.Read more >
From £3,250 excluding flights

Tribal festival vacation in India

Experience the unique cultures of the Idu Mishmis and the Hill Miris of Arunachal Pradesh in the Eastern Himalayas as they invite you to participate in their exclusive festival. Also witness the culture and tradition of the hill tribes of Adi Gallong, Tagin, Hill-Miri, Nah, Apatani, Monpa, Sherdukpen and Mishing tribes in between the drives from one destination to another. In this trip, you will start your journey in the historic town of Dibrugarh, known as the ‘Tea Town of India’ and then further into the last frontiers of Arunachal Pradesh. It is in the town of Roing amidst Mishmi Hills that lie in the last frontier territories of Arunachal Preadesh that you will experience the Reh ...Read more >
From £2,450 excluding flights

Bird watching tour in North East India

This is an amazing 15-day tour that will take you to Eagle’s Nest along the Indo- Bhutan border, considered one of the top birding destinations with new species of birds being added to its already long list every year. We will also visit the World famous Kaziranga National Park, Nameri and Gibbon, the only place in India to find apes. This tour takes you from an altitude just above sea level along the Brahmaputra plains to over 7000 meters in 150 km. and the access to the forest areas is easy with jeep tracks. A lot of birdwatching is also done during the journey from one destination to the other from the roadside. The Tour comes across as an amazing opportunity to visit some of the most ...Read more >
From £2,494 excluding flights

Tattooed Headhunting tribes Aoling festival in Nagaland, India

Travel to the state of Nagaland during the Aoling festival of the headhunting tattooed tribe of the Konyak Nagas in the remote district of Mon. Here, visit Lungwa, where the village chief's house sits amidst the India-Burmese border and other villages and get the opportunity to meet the village elders who have tattoos on their faces and torso, wear animal hair and skin and headdress. You will also get to meet the Angh (chief) and listen to the stories of the headhunting days. Also visit the historic district of Mokokchung – the land of the Ao Nagas – the place where the American Baptist missionaries first came into contact with the savage Nagas, Tuophema and the capital city of Kohima, ...Read more >
From £2,350 excluding flights

Tribal tour of the Eastern Himalayas, India

In this tour, travel to Arunachal Pradesh, the remotest north-eastern state of India which is a hub of cultural and religious tourism and a land that romances with the Himalayas. Right from being home to the largest monastery in India to being the only place in India where animism and paganism are still practiced, Arunachal is ready to spring unforgettable surprises every minute. The unearthly beautiful landscapes of Arunachal are something that captivates travelers to no length. In this tour you will get to meet the Apatani tribe, who are distinguished by facial tattoos and nose plugs and witness their unique cultures. Also meet other Arunachal tribes and get to walk suspension ...Read more >
From £1,800 excluding flights

Brahmuputra river cruise in India

This cruise is an ideal way to experience the mighty Brahmaputra, one of the major rivers of Asia, that cuts through 4 countries namely China, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh. On the cruise, you will start your journey in Guwahati, the gateway to North East India and finish with a visit to Kaziranga, the highlight of any visit to Assam. In Kaziranga you will go on a jeep ride and boat ride. It also includes the rarely - visited Nameri National Park, a visit to a tea garden, and a trip through the bazaars of Tezpur in cycle rickshaws. After the cruise, visit Meghalaya, dubbed as ‘the abode of clouds’ and the most scenic North Eastern state with magnificent views of rolling hills, lakes and ...Read more >
From £3,230 excluding flights

Buddhist Pilgrimage trek to Pemako, India

Located in eastern Arunachal Pradesh lies parts of the Beyul of Pemako; described in ancient Buddhist scrolls of Guru Padmasambhava as a secret paradise hidden in the heart and depth of the Himalayas. The trek through a distant land of fascinating tribes and hauntingly beautiful forests of rhododendrons, bamboo and wildflowers will take you to remote mysterious spiritual centers and inspirational lakes located high in the mountains. The region is fairly unexplored and visited by very few people. It may be noted that access to foreigners to this place was granted only very recently. This is a challenging trek and includes high altitude trekking reaching upto 13000 ft. and the terrain is ...Read more >
From £3,475 excluding flights

North East India tour, Nagaland & the Hornbill Festival

In our Nagaland Hornbill Festival itinerary, improved with shorter journey times, you will visit India's North East during this cultural extravaganza dubbed as the "Festival of Festivals", where each of the 16 Naga tribes (belonging to the state of Nagaland) showcases their colourful costumes with beads, jewellery, ivory armlets, headgears (made of bamboo, orchids and decorated with boar's teeth and hornbill's feathers) and weapons (spears and daos). In the past, only those warriors who proved their gallantry could adorn such an attire. You will also visit the historic district of Mokokchung – the land of the Ao Nagas – the place where the American Baptist missionaries first came into ...Read more >
From £2,550 excluding flights

Northeast India tour, Tawang and its monasteries

Your tour kicks off in Guwahati, from where you’ll head into the mountains of the Eastern Himalayas. It’s a long drive along winding roads, past rivers and forests and through secluded villages. Along the way you’ll drive through the stunning Sela Pass, one of the highest drivable passes in the world, before arriving at Tawang Monastery, the largest in India and the second largest in the world. It’s a hugely important Buddhist site and is full of precious manuscripts and artefacts. The other main highlight of your trip is the chance to interact with local people. You’ll visit a settlement at the top of a valley that’s home to the Monpa people, a tribe of Tibetan origin, as well as the ...Read more >
From £1,800 excluding flights

Sekrenyi Festival tour in Nagaland, India

The tour takes you to the state of Nagaland during the Sekrenyi festival of the Angami tribe and further into remote Nagaland to meet the last of the headhunting Konyak Nagas, you will also visit the historic district of Mokokchung – the land of the Ao Nagas – the place where the American Baptist missionaries first came into contact with the savage Nagas. Visit the Lungwa village, where the village chief’s house sits amidst the India-Burmese border. Also in this trip visit Kaziranga National Park, which is home to the one horned rhinos, the Majuli islands, world’s largest river island, much threatened by climate change and end your tour with a relaxing stay at a tea garden estate in Jorhat.Read more >
From £2,350 excluding flights

North East India cycling and hiking tour, Eastern Himalayas

This is a multi- activity tour that takes you to explore the lesser known eastern Himalayan region of Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost tip of India bordering China, a meeting point of the major tributaries of the river Brahmaputra or Yarlung Zangbo ( Chinese name), where from the Brahmaputra valley is born. This spectacular region surrounded by the Himalayan mountain ranges and the Patkai Range on three sides and Brahmaputra valley on the other is historically the home of numerous ethnic tribes. Ethnically, culturally and linguistically these tribes are closer to those of its eastern neighbouring countries than to the Indian mainland. Each one of these tribes are unique in their ...Read more >
From £2,500 excluding flights
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