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Youth support volunteering in Croatia

By helping young people to learn key life skills, you can help to heighten their expectations for themselves and open up new possibilities for their future. The Youth Support project in Croatia provides an important developmental platform for underprivileged young people who need educational support and assistance with important social and interpersonal skills. As a volunteer, you’ll work in after-school centers and act largely as a positive role model for young people. More specifically, you can do anything from assisting with homework, supporting and encouraging studies, organizing activities, helping with arts and crafts activities, sports, and assisting with any general work that needs ...Read more >
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Marine conversation volunteering in Croatia

Marine Conservation volunteers in Split have the unique opportunity to provide support to underwater clean-up efforts, helping to reduce sea pollution and conserve marine life! The program is open to beginners without any diving experience; however, volunteers will have to gain dive certification before engaging in any type of underwater conservation activities. The Program Fee covers the cost of the required online and in-person training, full scuba equipment, and volunteer supervision from an experienced dive instructor. All volunteers complete internationally recognized SSI (Scuba Schools International) diving certifications. The diving certification you complete will depend on your ...Read more >
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Online volunteering in Portugal

Volunteering abroad is a great opportunity for you to acquire new skills, grow as an individual and meet new people from different cultures! Will you join us and contribute to the change? There is a wide variety of volunteer programs out there that focus on immersing into the culture of another country and helping the local communities, directly in an organized and meaningful way. Our role is to connect you with credible social and environmental non-profit organizations that really need your time and skills! Thus far, we have provided volunteer programs to over a thousand volunteers from all over the world. Our volunteers have dedicated thousands of hours of volunteer work to various ...Read more >
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Volunteer with NGO's in Rome, Italy

The charm of Italy lies in the perception that one has of time: the beauty of this country has distant roots, which sink into Greek and Roman history, imprinted in the monuments of which each city is full.And it is also the best place in the world to eat, where pizza was invented and where the warmth of the people reflects the mildness of the seasons. Exploring Italy means feeling at home. By joining us, along with getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will be able to help several NGO's in areas such as Animal Care, Social Farming, Teaching English, Creative Technologies. You can have a real impact in the community and make a difference in people's lives while ...Read more >
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Marine conservation vacation in Portugal

This marine conservation vacation in Portugal is a week of working hand in hand with local experts, working tirelessly to protect the marine ecosystems of their Atlantic coastline. This is a great way to learn how to dive, if you are a beginner, learning with a local diving school with excellent responsible diving practices. You will get a chance to gain internationally recognised diving certificates and see Portugal’s marine ecosystem for yourself. Beginners will start off with the Open Water Dive Certification. However, the program is not only for beginners but also for certified divers who want to improve their diving skills while having a positive impact on Portugal's marine environment. ...Read more >
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