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Peloponnese self drive vacation in Greece

This 11 day tailor made tour of the Greek Peloponnese allows travelers to explore the world-famous archaeological sites and many of the region’s lesser-known locations as part of a self drive itinerary. Once you've picked up your rental car in Athens you’ll be in control with detailed route notes allowing you to explore with confidence as you travel across the Peloponnese from one locally-owned B&B to the next. From the Acropolis in Athens to the archaeological site of Olympia, this is your chance to experience the ancient origins and citadels of Greece without having to wait for the rest of the group to catch up or slow down. Spend as much time at each site as you wish or build in ...Read more >
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Crete guided hiking vacation

This is a walking sightseeing tour full of surprises around Crete; the “Big-Island” where Zeus was born and the Minoan civilization developed. From the plateaus between the two-thousand meters high mountains, on its way to the sea, the water digs deep gorges into the karstic mountains creating a unique diverse relief. Rough mountains, wild cliffs and secluded beaches; sheep and goat herds; olive groves, greenhouses and vineyards; prehistoric palaces, Doric acropolis, Byzantine churches, Venetian castles and mosques from the Ottoman period; typical villages and picturesque towns. A 10-days exciting guided walking tour off the beaten path at the edge of Europe. HIGHLIGHTS - The Minoan ...Read more >
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Kythera. Greek island walking vacation

This is a fantastic walking adventure to the hidden treasures of a wonderful island south of the Peloponnese. An unforgettable journey to Kythera; the island of goddess Aphrodite. According to the myth, Aphrodite; goddess of beauty and love was born at the sea of Kythera, when drops of the blood of Uranus touched the sea, after him being severely injured by Titan Kronos. A magnificent island with a unique relief, pristine landscapes and rough rocky canyons, abandoned citadels and byzantine churches, remote castles and picturesque villages, cascades and old watermills, deep coves, extended beaches and shipwrecks … A mystic place of unparalleled beauty full of contrasts that enchants the ...Read more >
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Peloponnese walking tour in Greece

Explore a different aspect of the Peloponnese in a unique hiking adventure, following the steps of ancient mountainous tribes who had created a unique civilization close to mother nature. Live an unforgettable trekking experience through the stunning landscapes of M.t Mainalon; the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese. A continuous mountainous zone over 1000m, with 50 peaks over 1500m, dense forests, beautiful meadows and spectacular gorges, many traditional stone inhabited villages, ruins of ancient, medieval and most recent settlements, temples, monasteries, watermills, stone bridges, old paved paths and forest trails. This is a unique hiking adventure based on the certified European ...Read more >
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Cycling vacation in Greece, Peloponnese and Delphi

For one week you explore the South of Greece traveling through typical Mediterranean landscapes of unparalleled beauty, picturesque villages, lovely provincial towns, shadowed woods and golden coasts, whilst you visit the main archeological sites of the Peloponnese and Central Greece; all of them World Cultural Heritage Sites of UNESCO. This is an adventure tour in Southern Greece, which combines cycling, nature, culture and history in good proportions. Every day we go cycling 15-45 km in low traffic roads. Most of the days, there will be swimming occasions. CULTURAL HIGHLIGHTS Delphi: Center of the ancient world Osios Loukas: The monastery with its splendid golden mosaics Olympia: The ...Read more >
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Karpathos and Rhodos walking & cultural vacation, Greece

This is an 12-days hiking and cultural adventure for small groups, to the Dodecanese. At the south-east edge of the Aegean Sea, you will visit 4 magnificent Greek Islands. 6 days in Karpathos; the hikers’ island with its healthy climate, 5 days in Rhodes; island of the Sun with its many historical highlights, with day excursions to the inhabited island of Saria and the noble island of Symi. Beautiful hikes through unique landscapes, cultural walks to major sites and of course swimming every day! Karpathos, is the second largest island of the Dodecanese, though one of the most sparsely populated areas of Greece. Karpathos is known for its healthy climate, its pristine landscapes and the ...Read more >
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Northern Greece hiking vacation

During this 7-days hiking, sightseeing and cultural tour that from/to Thessaloniki, we travel through Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly to high mountains, deep gorges, historical sites and natural reserves in North Greece. We climb Olympus; the highest mountain of Greece, we hike through the gorge of Vikos and the gorge of Enippeas, we visit the Meteora monasteries; walking in a breathtaking scenery between the giant rocks. An adventure tour out-off-the beaten track in a less advertised though of extreme natural beauty part of Mainland Greece! HIGHLIGHTS Hiking on the gorge of Enippeas river and climbing Mt. Olympus: Olympus is the highest Greek mountain, legendary residence of the twelve ...Read more >
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Naxos and Amorgos hiking vacation, Cyclades greece

During this 10-days self-guided walking vacation, you will explore Naxos and Amorgos; two of the most attractive Cycladic islands. You will visit their major attractions, you will discover hidden gems and you will have the opportunity to be initiated to the local culture. Barren steep mountains amidst a deep blue sea, vast sandy exotic coasts, lonely Byzantine chapels and fortified Venetian towers, beautiful traditional settlements on quiet beaches or hidden in secret places, ruins of once mighty castles and pagan temples. Welcome to the Cyclades! Naxos was the island where, according to the myth, Theseus left Ariadne following the will of Dionysus; the god of wine of Ancient Greeks. Naxos ...Read more >
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Southern Greece walking vacations

This wonderful week of walking takes you as part of a small group around the archaeological treasures of Athens as well as the mountainous trails surrounding the ancient sites of Delphi on the Greek mainland. Continuing your adventures you’ll head southwards onto the Peloponnese peninsula where further historic hiking trails take in the ancient sites of Olympia, Arcadia and Argolis. This small group vacation is perfect for solo travelers, couples, friends and school groups who love walking just as much as they enjoy discovering the myths and legends associated with ancient Greece. From the slopes of Mt Parnassos to a circular trail around Aphrodite’s Mountain and an ascent on Mt ...Read more >
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The Cyclades biking vacation, Greece

This superb week of cycling in the Cyclades allows travelers to explore the islands of Greece on two wheels as well as having plenty of time to enjoy the Mediterranean island ambience on foot. Experiencing a couple of Cyclades classics, namely Paros and Naxos, places your pedals right at the heart of this gorgeous Greek archipelago with secret sandy shallows and traditional fishing villages providing perfect places to cool off after a good day spent in the saddle. From the ancient marble quarries of Marathi to the preserved medieval fortifications at Antiparos, this cycling trip includes as many historic highlights as scenic stretches which makes it a must for those who like to learn as ...Read more >
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Mountain biking vacation in Greece

Experience the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese, in a mountain biking tour through the untouched nature of Arcadia. For 5 cycling days, 4 mountains, untouched nature, picturesque villages and ancient paths. This is a beautiful guided cycling and MTB vacation in the untouched nature of the region of Arcadia. You ride through the spectacular landscapes of Arcadia; a mountainous region in the center of the Peloponnese, and one of the less populated areas in modern Greece. During antiquity, the Arcadians were considered as a shepherd people who had their own customs and lived under rather harsh conditions. Already since the Hellenistic era, Arcadia refers to a vision of pastoralism and ...Read more >
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