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Argentina horseriding vacation in Calchaqui Valley

This ride begins in Cachi, a village located at the foot of the cerro Nevado de Cachi a hill where time seems to have stopped. There we will dive into the ancient culture of the Andes, which still fills the narrow streets lined with old colonial buildings. Then, our itinerary takes us to the heart of the Calchaquí Valleys. We will visit traditional artisan weavers, pottery studios, pre-Columbian history museums and wineries where we can taste some of the best wines in the world. Back on our Peruvian horse, we will head towards Seclantás to go deep into one of the most inspiring landscapes in northern Argentina. Riding among the mountain chains, we will reach Molino and Angastaco, along ...Read more >
From 2,740 excluding flights

Argentina horseriding vacation in Province of Salta and Jujuy

This ride begins in the City of Salta, nicknamed “Salta, the Beautiful” in Argentina. Before our horseback tour, you can visit the city, which is brimming with colonial architecture, monuments and history museums. Our horseback ride to the heart of the Quebrada de Humahuaca begins in El Volcán with our Peruvian horses – the best company we could have on this trip, without a doubt. Thanks to their stamina, we will be able to reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible. We will head to Purmamarca and the spectacular Hill of Seven Colours, a landscape that seems hand-painted by the same local artists. Do you believe in love at first sight? You will surely feel something similar when ...Read more >
From 2,300 excluding flights

Argentina horse riding vacation, Lerma Valley to Calchaqui Valley

On horseback you can discover unique places and this journey through the Lerma and the Calchaqui Valleys is no exception, with the contrast of valleys, deserts and colourful mountains that represent unique natural landscapes. During the equestrian tour from the Lerma Valley to Cachi we will discover spectacular landscapes. After visiting the picturesque village of Cachi, we continue to ride through the valleys and get to know such beautiful places as Seclantás, Molinos, Angastaco and Cafayate. This riding tour is a celebration for all the senses, as not only the natural landscapes amaze us, but also the unique pre-Columbian buildings that are part of the cultural heritage today. Located ...Read more >
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Horse riding trek in Argentina

On this horse riding vacation, you will travel from the Traslasierra Valley to the imposing Los Gigantes Mountains, visiting some of the most important places of our history. We will stop at La Candelaria, the most extensive estancia of all that make up the famous "Jesuit Estancia Road". The Jesuit religious order founded our first university and promoted culture in all Argentina. Because of this, the city of Córdoba earned the nickname "La Docta" (the learned). On the back of our dear Peruvian horses, we will reach the estancia. Once there, we'll get off the horse to explore its most outstanding buildings on foot and learn about the exciting stories behind their walls. Those same stories ...Read more >
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Horse riding vacation in Argentina

The Estancia program is perfect for beginners, for people who get back into riding after a break, but also experienced riders will enjoy the magnificent rides on our horses. The Estancia is an ideal place to relax, to ride and to observe birds! The main building of colonial architecture was remodelled to provide a high standard to our guests, but the style and the special features were kept authentic and only original materiales were used. Since this is a flexible program, you can decide how you want to spend each day. You start relaxing the minute you arrive. Our guests can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere that surrounds the garden and the swimming pool, or challenge their partners to a ...Read more >
From 2,300 excluding flights

Horse riding across the Andes

The mythical Andes mountain range, with its snow-capped peaks, rivers and valleys, poses a real challenge to the most experienced riders. We cross the border between Argentina and Chile on horseback surrounded by some of the highest mountains in America. On this long and demanding journey, we travel across one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world. We ride among imposing mountains, such as Mount Mercedario (6,770 m) or Mount Aconcagua (6,959 m), discovering glaciers, valleys, rivers and eternal snows at every turn. The first part of this journey takes place on the Argentine side. We leave from Las Hornillas, in the province of San Juan, and ride up to the top of the Andes – ...Read more >
From 3,500 excluding flights

Argentina northwest horse riding expedition

We have incorporated horse expeditions to make the experience of a very special and exciting trek on horses. Discover the valleys and deserts in northern Argentina as a nomadic rider and live this once-in-a-lifetime experience in the most intense way. Are you ready to go into the wild on the back of your horse? Mules carry our baggage, we cook the meals on the way, sleep in tents surrounded by incredible landscapes and change comfort for experience. Your safety is of utmost importance for us, we take modern satellite telephones with us during the whole journey in case of emergency. This horseback route will allow you to explore two of the most beautiful valleys in northern Argentina and ...Read more >
From 2,680 excluding flights

Salta Valley horseriding vacation in Argentina

This ride starts in the beautiful City of Salta and at Ampascachi’s Equestrian Centre, where you will have the first contact with our Peruvian horses. Once we've gained confidence with our horse, we'll explore the Lerma Valley together. On this part of the tour, we can take in the sights of these impressive multi-coloured landscapes. And when night comes? You know that Ampascachi selects your accommodations with care. In this case, we’ve chosen La Junta, the estancia of the Díez family. With them and the gauchos, we will share stories and figure out how to get typical farm chores done. Other exciting highlights include caves, cave paintings, condor nests... We will hit the trail again to ...Read more >
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Learn to horse ride, Argentina

What if you could learn to ride a horse in an incomparable setting? Have you always wanted to learn to ride or do you have little experience, do you want to come back to riding after some years off? Then this is the right program for you! You learn all the basics on horses, equipment and step by step how to ride. You practice your new knowledge during rides through the Valley. We breed Peruvian Paso horses but you get the possibility to feel the difference between trotters and gaited horses like ours. We breed, start and train our own horses to provide you with reliable, resistant and well-trained Peruvian Paso horses. Their special gait, the paso llano, makes traveling on them a real ...Read more >
From 2,300 excluding flights
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