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Tall ship festival, Amsterdam and DelfSail 2021

Here some reasons why this trip will rock: 1.- Our docking spot close to the city center (behind the Central Station), making it easy to arrive at the ship and to explore the city. 2.- We'll go with the wind, to try to sail as much as possible with sails only (no engine). 3.- We will sail without going to any other countries than be The Netherlands, so the chances of experiencing limitations due to Covid-19 regulations are quite low. 4.- After the first night on board, getting to know each other and getting settled on board, we will make our way through the canals of Amsterdam in the morning, which will show the city from an incredible perspective. 5.- Once in the open sea, past the ...Read more >
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Tall ship sailing adventure, Bilbao to Amsterdam

*NOTE: In case of any kind cancellation due to Covid-19, you don't lose your booking, you can do the trip at any other time. See our cancellation policy.* From the Basque Country, sailing through France (near the coast of Bretagne, Normandie…), the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey…) and Belgium before arriving in the capital of the Netherlands through its famous canals. On this trip we'll have a bit of everything: - We'll descend the Estuary of Bilbao's river, all the way from the center until the sea, passing through the different landmarks (the famous Vizcaya Bridge, Santurtzi, Getxo...) - We'll sail in the middle of the sea (Biscay bay, English Channel, North Sea) and we'll sail ...Read more >
From 1,090 excluding flights

Tall ship race sailing vacation, Dunkirk to La Coruna

Join Atyla in the first leg of 2020’s postponed Tall Ship Races! We will sail halfway across Europe and race the other ships from France to Spain, through the Biscay Bay. The trip will start with one night in Dunkirk to explore the festival and the city. The next morning we’ll be part of the sailing parade, together with the other ships along the coastline of Dunkirk and into the open sea. During the trip, we'll enjoy the challenges that are part of our programme to improve our life skills. The challenges of living on board, manoeuvering the ship, facing the weather... and those proposed by the crew to reflect on our strengths and our weaknesses, both as a group and as individuals. After ...Read more >
From 1,690 excluding flights

Two tall ship sailing festivals, Delfzijl to Kiel

When you arrive at Atyla, the Delf Sail festival will still be in full swing, so you will be able to enjoy the festivities and Delfzijl with your new shipmates. The next day we will take part in the Sail Out Parade with all the other ships and wave the Dutch city goodbye, making our way to Germany. We will sail past the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea, and pass through the Kiel Canal. Connecting the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the canal is one of the busiest in the world. Sailing through, we will come across many ships and go through several locks, making the passing of the canal an interesting experience. We will arrive in Kiel on the 18th of June, during the Kiel’s Week 2021, ...Read more >
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Tall ship race, Mariehamn to Szczecin

Hosted by two wonderful cities, the last leg of this years’ Tall Ship Races promises to be an incredible trip. You will join Atyla in Mariehamn, a city with a deeply ingrained maritime history. After meeting the crew and learning the first things about basic safety, you can set out with your shipmates to experience the last day of the festival. On the 25th of July, the voyage will start. We will depart from Mariehamn together with the other ships during an impressive sailing parade, and sail South, towards Poland. During the trip, you will not only take part in sail training, but you will also be able to enjoy Atyla’s challenges and improve your life skills, making the journey even more ...Read more >
From 1,150 excluding flights

Tall ship racing vacation, La Coruna to Lisbon

The trip will start with an amazing Parade of Sail, together with the other ships along the beautiful coastline of A Coruña along the river mouth (Ría da Coruña) and with the Tower of Hercules as the background. Then we'll stop the engine for the next 10 days, to take part in the race on the open sea. Going north or east depending on the wind, trying to harness the wind as much as we can. During the trip, we'll enjoy the challenges that are part of our personal development program to improve our soft skills. The challenges of living on board, manoeuvering the ship, facing the weather... and the challenges proposed by the crew to help everyone reflect on our strengths and our weaknesses, ...Read more >
From 890 excluding flights

Tall ship cruise vacation, Turku to Tallinn

You will be welcomed on the Atyla in the beautiful city of Turku in Finland by the crew and your fellow shipmates. You will be prepared for the upcoming trip and spend some time getting to know each other, the ship, and if there is time, you can set out together and enjoy the last day of the festival in the city. The next day we will start making our way through the Turku archipelago and you will learn all about setting the sails, navigating and manoeuvring the ship. Moreover, we will make good use of the time we have and work on life skills. The challenges that come with for example living onboard, being an international group, and reflecting on our strengths and weaknesses, will help you ...Read more >
From 1,290 excluding flights

Azores tall ship sailing vacation

During this trip, we will explore the paradisian Azores, with stops in the islands of Faial and Terceira, and sailing around the islands of Pico, São Jorge and São Miguel. Come on board and enjoy lovely sailing on our wooden ship, a variety of beautiful anchoring spots and some hikes in amazing nature. You will be welcomed on Atyla in Ponta Delgada, where the crew will introduce the basics of living on board and some safety procedures, before starting the trip. We will visit Horta, in Faial Island, and make a small painting with Atyla’s logo to leave a mark of our first visit to the archipelago. Then we will go to Terceira, where we’ll enjoy a city tour with some local friends and some ...Read more >
From 790 excluding flights

Tall ship sailing vacation in the Canaries

You will be welcomed on board in the warm Santa Cruz on Tenerife. On your first evening, you will meet the crew and your fellow participants, and learn the basics of safety before setting sail. Together with the other participants and the crew, you will sail the ship and, quite literally, learn the ropes. During the trip, we will sail from Tenerife and make stops on La Gomera and La Palma. The volcanic islands have luscious nature and viewpoints with incredible sights. We will have some time to explore both islands, try typical Canarian cuisine, and enjoy the star-filled night skies. With the pleasant weather, we can of course also go for a swim! After the island hopping, we will arrive ...Read more >
From 650 excluding flights
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